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House/UV Filters

Whole House filters are designed to purify all water supplying all the various taps in the house. Depending on the type of whole house filter, the City whole house filters can remove chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride etc, while the rural whole house filters remove sediment, bacteria, ecoli, giardia etc. Whole house filters are installed at the point of entry to the house. Garden taps may also be included.

It is worth noting that chlorine is readily absorbed through the skin while showering and bathing undermining healthy bacterial co-operation in the human body.

The same applies to Fluoride which also can be absorbed through the skin. When removed with a whole house filter, bathing and showering won't upset thyroid functioning any more, and the iodine uptake will then be majorly improved. (fluoride sits in the receptors where iodine would be taken up and blocks by enlarge the uptake of iodine. This can cause iodine deficiencies in the body disturbing healthy body functioning. Iodine is very important for many functions in the body.

With a good Whole House Filter system, particularly in cities showering and bathing will be a new pleasured experience as the water is softer, no chlorine/fluoride can now enter the skin and there won't be any chemical smell. Hair and skin will feel nicer now, hair is softer - not as dry any more ... and the bathing and shower experience will feel more vitalising.