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  • Ultra Filter 0.01µ micron

ULTRA Filter - ADD-ON incl connectors

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Product Description

Rarely found but available at Ionza:


The Ultra Filter is a unique Filter which has the capacity to remove difficult small micro organisms and contaminants.


Removing Bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Ecoli etc:

With its 0.01µ Micron filter media, the Ultra filter is designed to remove Bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, Ecoli, and many other water born micro organisms and contaminants. Most Tank water systems have some concentrations of small micro organisms and contaminants, such as ecoli, bacteria and other.

More info:


Removing Microplastics and Nanoplastics:

The Ultra Filter is an ideal filter for removing Microplastics and Nanoplastics due to its 0.01µm filter mesh media.

Since 2020, it is widely known that most water sources including Tank/Rainwater Most Tank water systems conatain some significant concentrations of micro and nano-plastics. The research is ongoing in what the long term health consequences might be. More info:

The removal of Micro and Nanoplastics is relevant in various water supplies: city tapwater, tankwater, bore water, aquifers, reservoirs, creeks and springs.


ADD-ON: The Ultra Filter can be simply added on to an existing Water Filter/ Fountain or Water Ioniser as a Pre-Filter.

The Ultra Filter also comes in complete systems.


Ionza offers several Ultra Water Filter Systems for various needs:

>> Ultra system

>> Ultra X system

>> Alka Ultra X

>> Alka City Total: In conjunction with the Alka Fluoride Free as an ADD-ON it completes the filtration of a fluoridated City water supply:


Inbuilt back-flush system: the Ultra filter has an inbuilt backflush system to maintain and extend filtration capacity and filter life, see installation for more info.

ultra-filter-cr-sl-w.jpgCapacity: 10-15 months usage (dependent on backflush being exercised every 1-3 months, a sediment or other pre-filter installed, the degree of contamination of the source water and the amount of water being processed)

Working Pressure: 15 - 50 PSI (Please note:  a pressure reducing valve is required for higher water pressures above 50PSI). See 'Accessories' for pressure reducing valve)



The Ultra comes with 1/4 " connectors,  and inline valve. The Ultra filter has a water flow direction, see diagram below.

Backflush facility: The Ultra has a 3rd port (3) which is the provision as a backflush facility. It pays to backflush the filter approx. every 1-3 months depending on water source quality.

With most water qualities the back-flushing option is an important part for extending the filter life.


Installation: Standard: Connect the Ultra filter after a pre-filter (e.g. 5µ carbon filter) or sediment filter and before a Remineralising cartridge, Alka Spring cartridge or Water Ionizer. The Back-flush tap is closed in normal filter mode.

Example of an installation arrangement, here the Alka Ultra X Water System:






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