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In 2021, water ionizers have been present in Japan and Korea for about 40 years and in the US for over 20 years ... As Ionza Water ionizers in NZ we have been active for over 14 years educating about this health-promoting water and offering such Water Ioniser and Filter Systems to improve the health of many thousands of people.

It is a privilege for us to do so !

In Japan every 5th household uses a water ionizer in their kitchen. Japanese and Korean people are particularly conscious around alkaline diet, health and well-being.

While all this is going on, there have been many attempts by industries to debunk ionised hydrogen rich water as pseudo-science, snake oil and to slam the water ionizer companies. 

In the last 3-4 years there has been an enormous amount of research & publications coming forward about Hydrogen-rich Ionised water acknowledging its amazing health benefits for prevention, healing and wellness. With this came also the market offering Hydrogen Water Ionisers. It is an extension of the Alkaline Ionised Water. One of the main reasons to focus on such technology is to offer devices which allow us to consume particular strong hydrogen water as it has amazing health promoting and health maintaining capacities including stimulating healing properties in the body.

In the following we share with you responses from some of our clients over time ....

There is a resource of references and testimonials available that we believe are valuable to acknowledge. We publish only some:

New Zealand/Australia Testimonials:


I am 65 years old and l spent 45 years working in industries a lot of physical work  I now struggle with ongoing pain and discomfort with osteoarthritis to all my joints since my 40s. in August 2020 l had a knee replacement . I was talking further  pain relief and ant inflammatory tablets. As there is no cure for osteoarthritis.  l researched the alkaline water for a much healthier pain relief option. In November 2020 l purchased the Ionza alkaline tap (IonPlus with Fluoride Filter) and followed the drinking instructions. I now feel wonderful the pain levels have dropped. The inflammation through out my body continues to reduce. I manage my stress levels better, l have more energy and am so much happier. I swear by this amazing water. I have since shared my wonderful experience and encouraged all my children and family to have alkaline water systems installed in there homes and become medication free.
Lorraine Tawhiao

I purchased the EHM VITA Water ioniser:

I like the VITA for several reasons

1) very easy to install; unit is compact and light

 2) very easy to use

 3) water taste noticeably better. Taste "sweeter". I don't know how to describe, but I definitely find drinking the ionized water more enjoyable and easier for me to drink more. 

 4) I seemed to have more energy (able to focus more). 

 Hank Lee - North Shore, Auckland


I started using the H+ Chi hydrogen bottle recently. My throat irritation dropped off (which I had for over 18 months) & my energy level increased.

      Basil Sharp, Auckland


"Since using the Ionza H+ Chi Turbo Hydrogen bottle, I have been blown away by the awesome water quality .
The water tastes better, in fact smooth is the word I’d use to describe it. I’m drinking more water every day, I’m feeling better, I’ve cut out the coffee and I’m adding the hydrogenated water to my herbal tea. I’ve introduced loads of my family and friends to it. Looking after our bodies before something goes wrong, rather than when something goes wrong is so important and the Ionza H+ Hydrogen water is part of my mission to ensure this is part of my every day routine."
        Fiona Webby, The Mindlab, Auckland


" I have been walking towards my own wholeness for many years and helping others with theirs, including a vital diet.  The water from the H+ Hydroge water maker adds to this journey of vitality releasing.
It feels potent, like a tonic." 
       Louise Marra, Director Unity House NZ Ltd

We have been purchasing the Alka Jug about 6 months ago after trying everything to rid Colin from his heavy gout attacks.
We ran into an article about alkalised water and thought we might as well try. Colin was not convinces at all. He thought “whatever, how can just water heal my body”
5 weeks into drinking the water he realised how good he felt. No niggles and pains anywhere! We are totally religious about this water. We use it for everything and when we built our home in a couple of years we will get a whole system for the house.

This is the best thing we ever bought. We both feel a million dollars and have now also added the amazing H+ Hydrogen water bottle. We can only say! This is a the fountain of youth :-) We feel younger, energised and have no health problems.

Thank you Ionza, you changed our life xxx
Kind Regards

Conny Lauterbach
(Licensed Agent REAA 2008)


I have been using the Alka Jug for almost a month and will never drink water straight from the tap again. The jug is easy to use, inexpensive and a good product to try before deciding on a more costly unit. I was suffering badly from GERD and LPR (silent reflux) and read that high alkaline water would denature the pepsin that was coating my pharynx, larynx, oesophagus and airways leading to an asthma diagnosis and an inhaler. My symptoms have improved and, as an added bonus, my hip doesn't ache when I get out of bed in the morning and my low backache is gone. Also, I have managed to reduce my inhaler dosage and hope to be free of it soon.

Great product.

Christine Dickinson from Wellington 

PS a few months later we received another email from Christine: "The water has  worked for me as well as removing the stiffness in my fingers as a welcome bonus. .... no more breathing problems - it never was asthma. I wouldn't be without my Ionza jug."


KYK 25000 water ionizer and Homay Chi Undersink water ionizer for several years: Thanks Joseph , you are really on the ball.  And your messages [emails and website] are very inviting and convincing.
We have been drinking ionized water for years.  Doris is 76  and I will turn 78 in July. We are both extremely young and healthy for our age. I can hardly believe this , but I am currently playing my b e s t   tennis ever, at age 78 !   [I still play 3 times a week].  Have also added a 24 km [4 hours] walk once a week.  And feel great. No problems with knees or hip. Perhaps we can reasonably assume
ionized water plays a fair part of this.  Enjoy the seminar.
Best wishes to you , Brooks and all at IONZA
Hummel Hummel

Klaus Groth  Perth Australia


Alka Jug: I've been drinking bottled water "Ararimu Valley Mineral Water(very alkaline/on label)" & been avoiding acid food/eating alkalised food/ACV/AloeVera etc with a very healthy, organic diet for atleast the last 2 months, although my PH test was still showing high acidity at the GoGreenExpo.
After just approx 1 week of drinking from our new Ionza filter, I did a PH test at Global Health Clinics & I had gone from in the red to the a perfect green alkalised level.  1 week later = same result.  Hopefully now my underlining health issues will be easier to clear :o)
Thank you!
Haylee Ward


Homay Chi Benchtop ionizer: Joseph has been supplying me with Water Ionizing equipment and products for four years. I enthusiastically endorse Ionza's products from personal experience and his company is very good to deal with.

David Preston, HEALTH FOR LIFE ACUPUNCTURE Richmond, Nelson


This note is a validation of the Alka Jug... As an old bloke, I had been hobbling around with an attack of gout, which I endured for about eight weeks. It was so bad that I had to cut out my shoe to relief the pain and to remain mobile. Now as one who considers the doctors and Pharma are in bed together not pulling the blankets over their heads - but pulling the wool over the public I decided to seek alternative measures to avoid the side effect of a prescribed drug ...
 The alternative relief for arthritis is boundless as per the net ... From diet of course to such remedies as celery seeds to cherries to beet root. I tried the lot to no avail. However as I was surfing the net I dropped onto this fact and I don't know how I got there -- maybe it ws the - fickle finger of fate - that the pH of the body was up. The Boo Eye ... How to remedy this condition ? Well the rest is history. Somehow I latch on to your website and the Alka Jug and made the purchase.

This was a great days work on my part as within two weeks of a daily consumption of 1.5 liters of treated water the condition that I suffered was GONE.

The condition changed for the better day by day bringing me untold relief ... So there you are .... I am so impressed with your product that I have ordered another one to be delivered with the intention of gifting it to my grandchildren who when ever they are in my space say .... POPA ... CAN WE HAVE SOME OF YOUR WATER .....

Graeme Sim,  Taumaranui


Alka Jug: Hi Jo
I wanted to let you know how incredible the ionised water from the Alka Jug has been since first purchasing it from you on 23 Sept 2012.  Within a month of drinking and cooking in alkaline water and taking all my veges raw as mixed salads, I was free of the muscle aches that had been with me since 2005.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I have been on a gluten free diet for that time and a low FODMAP diet for the past year. I had been advised that the aches that I was experiencing were fibromyalgia.  There had been no cure advised and so to have the condition disappear within a month of starting the alkaline water has felt like a miracle.  I feel transformed in mind and body - no longer do I feel that I am trapped in this old body.  I just generally feel better, healthier and more alive than previously.  It could not be mind over matter. It has to be the water.
Anne Martin


I have seen the health of my family increase from the daily consumption of alkaline/ ionized water and am convinced it is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, along with a more alkaline diet.  I'm convinced that the consumption of alkalised/ ionized water has a huge role to play in the recovery from serious illness.

Dr Mark Gabriel, Christchurch 


"When we first were introduced to alkaline water the price of the machine were very expensive until I started to do research and found your company.
Since drinking this water, my health has improved – as in I no longer have to take any medication for my arthritis. It helped me to keep me more relaxed and not stressed out like I was before.
It is very pleasant tasting.  It keeps my 80 year old mother’s blood pressure steady, and it has helped drop my cholesterol level, and my mothers.
I definitely would recommend an ionizer to other people and have done so by sharing water to other people.    Why – because they have seen the improvement in my heath and well being.
You supply excellent customer service. Thank you as it has changed my life."
             Larry Leyland, Coromandel Peninsula


KYK 25000 Benchtop water ionizer: Drinking good quality water has always played a significant role in my health and well-being. I started drinking ionised water three years ago and have been pleasantly surprised with the results. My body  appreciates its properties and I enjoy the taste. Being a surfer, alkaline water has assisted me together with stretching to keep aching joints at bay, and to rejuvenate my skin. My digestion has improved. I am better hydrated. It is a significant part of my healthy living plan.

Peter Cuming, Managing Director, Sustainable Futures      Byron Bay     Australia   


Thank you so much!  Love the Alkalizer. The book is such a gift. And the pH papers - no surprise my pH was at 5.8.
Kindest regards,
                         Dr Mark Gabriel


Hi Joseph
I've had my EOS Platinum Water Ionizer for just on a year now and I thought I would share my experience of drinking quality healthy water and the effects  with which my general health which has improved.
I was feeling consistently tired prior to using the machine and I seem to have more energy since I have had the machine. I had High blood pressure and that is now normal again.
As the water is nice to drink I drink twice the amount and don't have any sore joints that used to be an issue.
I have been using the acid water to replenish the natural oils in my hair and spray it in my ears which seems to get rid of itchy ears that have always bothered me.

It is now a way of life for me drinking ionized water and I'm very pleased with my decision to purchase the machine.
Geoff  K, Whangarei


Hi Brook and Joseph,      

For the last 30 years I have experienced T.I.A. 's (mini strokes). I have had prescribed medication and dietary supplements and some years were worse than others, but the strokes were relatively consistent. After reading some internet literature about ionizers and their benefits I made enquiries. I ended up purchasing an EOS Platinum Ionizer and had it professionally installed. I have drunk ionized water daily for 14 months and in all that time I have not had any black outs. The only change in my life living pattern (diet and food intake relatively consistent) has been the ionized water which is really good cause to suggest the ionized water has helped this symptom. And the water tastes great!!!! We wouldn't be without it. Many thanks

Norman Clark


Re Atopic dermatitis:

Hi Joseph,

My skin has improved a lot, I’m sure the water has helped.  Anita W.   Auckland (received after 6 months drinking ionized alkaline water and treating the affected skin areas with strong acidic water) (EOS Platinum water ionizer/alkaliser)


Hello my name is Paul I am 60 years old and I have been having trouble with high blood pressure for the last fifteen years. I was having a lot of trouble to keep it under control. I was taking the maximum dose of the medication I was on and my blood pressure was still high. When the pressure is up I feel quite unwell. About six months ago a friend from America introduce me to Ionized water which almost immediately helped me and brought it down to an acceptable level. A couple of weeks later I went up to Auckland and did not have access to Ionized water and became unwell. Back in Christchurch I bought a KYK Genesis 25000 machine and my blood pressure has been great ever since. I have been able to cut down my medication by half. All is good.

Paul Clark


I love my two water ionizers, one (KYK25000) I have got at Curves, the Woman’s Gym in Hamilton-Chartwell (, the other (EOS Genesis Platinum) at my home.
 The one I now have at home is even better than my Curves as it creates high acid and alkaline water. High acid is NOT for consumption but it works wonderfully well as my new deoderant. Into a spray bottle, add my favourite drops of aromatherapy oil and it’s awesome. It also cleans off stains etc. And the high alkaline works wonders as a laundry detergent. Make high alkaline water, add 250 ml  with some freshly squeezed lemon for wonderful smell for a normal wash and go.  And for laundry that needs bacterias killed off, I soak them in super acid water overnight. Also use high alkaline water for washing dishes, again with a bit of lemon.
Of course we only use alkaline water for consumption in every and all ways. The water is addictive and you just don’t want to drink any other water really.  I use 9-9.5 ph daily with my sprouting of seeds, I have seeds in two days maximum, they sprout overnight, then I give them sun and eat. I definitely recommend my new one (EOS Platinum), as it has that added benefit and will save even more money long term as well as being able to completely discard all extra detergents or cleaners even eco ones.

Best wishes


EOS Platinum ionizer: I can say we both have higher energy levels. The Acid Water is great on our skin with visibly better skin condition. We have an Espresso Machine and the coffee has a lovely 'roundness' that it didn't have before (PH 9.5 is used). I suffer from sever psoriasis and the acid water on my scalp has had a remarkable effect. We did also purchase an IR Sauna to help treat this condition as it progressed to Psoriatic Arthritis. My Arthritis and the Psoriasis have both mostly disappeared. I believe the combination of IR Sauna and Alkaline / Acid water has been a saving grace for me.

There's a success story to add to your brag book

Kind Regards        Grant Anderson, Auckland


Dear Joseph and Brook,
KYK 25000 water ionizer Benchtop & Homay Chi Benchtop ionizer: Both René and I find the water easy to drink, because it is so soft. In fact, I did not (beforehand) experience thurst, it felt like a difused wanting for something; now I gratify myself by drinking some water. Cravings of other kinds have markedly reduced and I feel lighter. Generally we have more energy and we are less reactive ~ have a longer whick.
I have also used the acidic water to rinse my hair, my dandruff is reducing.
Thank you very much again and do remain in touch.........
Much love from a frosty Wellington


KYK 30000 water ionizer since 2010 at home, KYK 25000 water ionizer at Global Health clinic: Since we have installed an IONZA Water Ionizer in our clinic I have been drinking at least 1-1.5 litres of pH 9.5-10 water daily and have noticed significant differences in my health and wellbeing. I was getting some acid reflux which completely disappeared within a week. I also flushed 2 kidney stones 2 months after starting the alkaline water – they just spontaneously came out – I was delighted as it has saved me having to resort to lithotripsy, which is very expensive to remove them, and now I don’t have to which is great!
The water tastes excellent and I know from my Hemaview Live Blood Analysis its having a profound affect on my health both short and long term.
I strongly recommend these units to my patients and friends.
Thanks for making these units available to us in NZ!
David Holden, Auckland
Naturopathic Physician & Nutritional BioChemist


KYK 25000 water ionizer: "I have been drinking ionized water now for a bit more than a month, and I have to say, that I find it much easier to get out of bed in the morning. I feel better and have more energy. Also, I notice that my body does not ache anything like as much any more, particularly after playing badminton. I am pleased"

Louis Cheng. Auckland


I purchased my "KYK 25000 Genesis" water ionizer just before Christmas 2009 and have to say it is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Prior to my purchase I was drinking rainwater, which I had assumed to be fairly innocuous and healthy as we had installed filters to our tank to eliminate nasties such as leaf debris and animal and bird contamination.  How wrong I was.  When tests were carried out on the rainwater by my Genesis installer, it was shown to be acidic and in essence, not very good for my health.  I was at the time, experiencing ongoing joint pain, which was making me feel much older than my 59 years. It was this constant pain that prompted me to explore the benefits of the water ionizer as I had heard that it was good for those suffering from conditions such as arthritis.

Within a few weeks of using the water ionizer, I became aware of the fact that my joints were no longer causing me continual pain and discomfort and generally I felt better in myself.  I have more energy and drink a lot more water ~ which has to be a good thing.  My husband too agrees that the Genesis has been beneficial, and that coming from a complete skeptic is praise indeed!

Many thanks for an excellent product.

Sally Anne Trotter


Dear Joseph and Brook,
It is with pleasure that I write with a big THANK YOU for the amazing KYK Water Ionizer and your wonderful after sales service.
As you know, I had researched water purifiers and ionizers for some months before I discovered your website.  Your quick responses to my emails with a myriad of questions were very much appreciated  (especially so because of the opposite experience with other suppliers, including one in Australia).
 It was during our phone conversation that I became aware of the integrity with which you operate your business.  That was the icing on the cake for me, with the resulting decision to purchase the KYK  from you.
 NO REGRETS and I have no hesitation in recommending this unit to others.  In fact............... 
 my daughter, husband and 2 children are staying with me and they are also using and enjoying the water produced by KYK.   This morning my daughter, without thinking, boiled some tap water to drink.  After one swallow, she poured it down the sink with the comment "this water tastes horrible".  I laughingly responded "now how are you going to manage without the KYK when you find a home of your own to buy??"
 Warmest regards,  Monique Keenan, Auckland


Sugar and pH in body
KYK 25000 ionizer: I have been drinking ionized water for over a year now.  During this time I have noticed that my addiction to sugar has steadily and gradually completely transformed itself.  Usually I would desperately want that piece of cake or chocolate and relish it as I ate it, however I not only do I not feel attracted to the sweet once treat I am surprisingly repelled.  During this last year a couple of times I did reach out for that sugary food, imagining that I would love it as I used to but my reaction to it afterwards was negative, I couldn’t stand the feeling in my mouth of the instant acidic environment that sugar creates.  My body has gradually developed the ability to discern whats good for me and so I have new associations to chocolate and cake. No thank you!  - And my dentist bills have significantly reduced.
       Jazelle Alderdice, Auckland


Hi Joseph and Brook,
KYK 25000: I recently purchased a Water ionizer from you.
I would like to tell you what an amazing product this is. My husband Alan and I came across your stand at the Auckland home show and I immediately knew that it was what we needed. Being practical people we came home and did some online research about the water ionizer and were totally convinced that this product could be of benefit to us.
We have had our new Ionizer for three weeks now and the benefits are amazing. I no longer have any significant pain in my lower back and hip. (something I had struggled with for a few years and thought it was due to a career where I sit in an office chair and to a bed that was too hard and might need replacing) I can only asume that this is the benefit of drinking Akaline water and in conjunction with an alkaline diet. Each morning I wake up and worry that the pain will come back but so far I am 95% pain free. The amazing thing is that this has happened in a very short three weeks and I feel sure I could feel the benefits after only one week.
We find this ionized water really easy to drink and have noticed that it does not have the same bloating feeling as ordinary tap water.
We are giving this water to our cat and have noticed that she has markedly reduced weeping in her eye that has been an ongoing congenital problem. Our cat Taz is 12years old.
I have also noticed recently that Alan has almost stopped snoring. I know that sounds strange and I'm not sure how that might work but it must be the water as he has not changed his diet and there are no other changes in our lifestyle.
Im definitely going to stick with this water ionizer!
Thanks so much for being at the Auckland Home Show and in the right place at the right time for us.
Kind regards
Lynne Deane, Auckland


Powerful antioxidant source  -  More oxygen to our cells
As a medical doctor practising natural medicine for 20 years, I have emphasized the fundamental role of  water in the detoxification therapies I prescribe. The road back to perfect health (or keeping it) requires good hydration with water that is pure, alkaline, and easily assimilated by our cells. It is with much enthusiasm that I have discovered the impressive Ionza water ionizers. Not only does this technology create alkaline water, but it measurably changes the redox potential, thus structuring  water into a powerful antioxidant source. This reduces free radical damage  as well as releasing more oxygen to our cells. Along with far-infared saunas, I can honestly think of no better life investment in your health.
Dr Bruce R. Dooley, MS, MD - Takaka


Dear Joseph and Brook

KYK 25000 and EOS Platinum water ionizer Benchtop: Last year I came across a book, Alkalise or Die by Dr Theodore A. Baroody.  For some time I had been suffering from painful joints and after all the years of massage I found it was getting increasingly more difficult to work with my hands.  After reading this book, I realised I was living in a very acidic state and needed to look at what I was eating, my lifestyle and the water I was drinking.  I made a conscious effort to investigate everything I could about water.  I was intrigued by the fact that most of the water we drink is totally full of metals and even the bottled waters came under suspicion.  I happened to be reading Healthy Options one day and I found an article on Ionised Water.  I rang Joseph Blessing, the author of the article and enquired about his ioniser.  Both he and his partner Brooke were delightful people to deal with and before I purchased the Ioniser they gave me a lot of information regarding ionisation of water.  I have had the Ioniser for 5 months and I cannot get over my feeling of well being.  My joints no longer ache, I have much more energy, sustaining me throughout the day and I have noticed marked improvements in my skin.  Ionised alkalised water is very easy to drink.  I drink two glasses of PH10 both in the morning and night.  If I have the slightest sign of a cold or sore throat it vanishes overnight and I find I drink more water because it is so pleasant to drink.  It is one of the best investments I could have made.
Judy West
President     –     Association of Beauty Therapists of New Zealand


Hi Brook & Joseph,
I almost forget to thank you properly for the extra set of filters & the extended warranties period. You are one of
the most honest & decent business people that we have ever come across.  New Zealand is very lucky!
 With great appreciation & thanks,
Hans & Lin Siig, NSW Australia


KYK 25000: “I have been drinking the ionised water for a number of months now and feel  so much better. I normally never manage to drink enough and as a result had experienced a number of health issue, such as feeling tired and run down and having problem with my digestion and chronic constipation. Since drinking the water regularly my digestion has improved immensely and I am much less tired. Most importantly, I love the taste and feel of the ionised water, so drinking is no chore anymore.”
Birgit Neumann
Managing Director


Hi Joseph, hi Brook

KYK 25000: Being in the Wellness Industry, we decided to trial the Ionza Water Ioniser – well that was 12 months ago and we have since purchased the machine. We are so happy with it. This water is available not only to our wellness conscious clientele, also our staff.  Myself and the staff have appreciated feeling hydrated in a heated environment, calm and clear headed and above all else – a sense of wellbeing and good health – no sick days. Our clients truly enjoy the water (and often come back with their personal water bottle), assisting them with detox after treatments and optimal hydration. Having the Ioniser has been a dream – hassle free with brilliant service from the distributor.

Katie Thurston


KYK 25000: I immediately became interested in the benefits of alkaline water when a friend told me how her friend had lost so much weight from drinking it. And when I saw this person I was impressed. I was already aware that the quality of the city's water supply left a lot to be desired. So I started to drink the alkaline water. My health problems are osteoarthritis. In 2004 and 2005 I had both hips replaced. Arthritis can be very painful. So I still had to be on painkillers everyday to keep it under control. This all changed with the alkaline water. My pain was almost all gone. My stiffness improved greatly too! Can you believe that? Now this recent very cold weather, as every one who suffers from arthritis knows, is a killer for us. I'm so happy to be drinking this water. At times I have to take the painkillers but I know I would be struggling with pain without the alkaline water.

There's more. Last year was the most difficult one in my 71 years of life. Details can depress so we will not go there. Sufficient to say that it was depressing. But to my pleasant surprise the alkaline water had the effect of improving my wellbeing. My physical strength improved too. And I wasn't falling asleep at public meetings. Bonus! I could actually concentrate on the information for the whole hour. Its amazing to have these benefits when you've been falling asleep for quite a few years and your friend sitting next to you has to poke you to wake you up.

But here's the best part. People think, when they see me for the first time that I'm about 50years old. And I just love that.  My twin sister, who also drinks the water, gets the same response. Isn’t that awesome.

                                        Mary, East Tamaki, Auckland


Christina is my name. Mary is my twin. I simply love the alkaline water. I work as a cleaner for Air NZ, cleaning planes. Been doing this for the last twelve months. And it is a challenge, considering my age, as you can imagine. I manage to do it because the water helps me greatly. How? I get energy, it rehydrates me. As you can imagine, I sweat a lot when I have to work very quickly. When we have finished cleaning one plane, and we're between planes, then I take a long swig of the alkaline water that I carry with me. It has the power to rejuvenate me. It strengthens me.

The young men come up to me curious about my age cause they all know about it. And one person said to me, "You're not seventy are you?” And I said, "No, I'm not". And he said, "I thought so", as if he'd found and revealed the truth. And I said, "No, I'm 71". You can imagine his response. I, like my twin, enjoy this. Obviously it could be genetic, but we don't think so because our skin has improved so much.  

                                            Christina, Manurewa - Auckland


My husband and I love the alkaline water. We know that without it we are miserable and unwell. I have just had an ear operation for an ear problem that was extremely painful. And although I'm only 32 arthritis is a problem for me. For example, without the alkaline water, when climbing up my stairs, I find I'm breathless and struggling by the time I get to the top of the stairs. With the alkaline water I run up the stairs, no problem. And I can cope reasonably well with the pain in my ear, drinking the water, but not otherwise, as I have learned from experience. So for us we cannot do without the water, it's very easy to drink and our wellbeing is greatly enhanced as a result of drinking it. 
                            Abi, Albany


My family has been drinking alkaline water for 7 months. I have 5 young boys who haven't really liked water. Fizzy drinks were what we drank. But not anymore. All I can say is that with this water my family are a lot happier and easier to manage. Their health has improved. My skin has improved greatly since using this water. I just love it. 
                Pereki, Flatbush - Manukau


I was never one to worry about my health cause I'm 68 and I've done all right so far. I would constantly say that when encouraged to use alternative medicine. But about 5 months ago I couldn't get off my armchair at night because I was ill. After some days of suffering like this and sitting and drinking 2.5 liters bottles of coke everyday, as was my lifetime habit, I decided I should try the water. I'd seen my friends get benefits so I thought I'd start getting serious about drinking the alkaline water. Well it worked. I felt better and better. I stopped drinking fizzy drinks on realising how bad the were for my health. I lost weight. I could wear shoes that I couldn't fit before cause my feet were so swollen, and I felt good and I looked good, so my friends told me. In fact a friend I'd known for about 35 years didn't recognise me cause I looked so different. Yeah, it's good water, that alkaline water. 
                                Judy, Mangere - Auckland


Good morning, Joseph
Finally, I am the proud owner of an installed water ioniser!
I have been drinking water from it for two days now, and can honestly say I can taste a difference from other water, even water that I collect from a deep bore in Dunedin, courtesy of a brewer. But putting into words that difference isn't easy, is it? My immediate reaction was that it tasted sweeter. Since then I have decided it tastes cleaner and smoother. Others who have tried it so far have come up with nothing better than 'nice'.

I am excited about discovering its benefits for detoxing — they will become evident in time, but initial indications are promising. After the first day, my body felt especially heavy and I was very tired. This morning I feel clearer headed and more energised than I have for a while.

Again, my sincere thanks for your generosity in having a draw. It is a piece of equipment I would have loved to have but it would have been at least a year or two before I would have felt I could have afforded to buy it.

My best wishes
Graeme Leather


In January 2009 I was due to have a hysterectomy. Over the years I have had 3 operations for various problems in this area and I was feeling negative because of the pain I'd experienced in the past. So I drank the alkaline water for two and a half months before my operation hoping it would help my recovery. I was very impressed because I had very little pain after surgery. I had some pain but nothing like what I had expected. I was very well after 6 weeks and was able to lift heavy things no problem. My husband and children love the water. In fact for a period of 3-4 weeks we were unable to get the alkaline water and we were miserable and irritable and in pain from arthritis. Now we have the machine we are all very happy. Thank you Joseph! 
                                                                            Sue, Huntly


Dear Joseph,
 Thank you for your phone call and explaining more about the water - I now carry it to work in a green coloured glass bottle, filled to the brim and capped. That is good to understand.
 When I went on holiday over the Christmas season I was unable to take a whole week's supply of water with me - so drank bottled supermarket water for one week. I was constipated the whole time, and by the time I arrived home was feeling less than normal well. Back to drinking "my water" and all well again.
I do also notice when coming in from 2-3 hours gardening an enormous thirst for the water - my recovery time post gardening has improved dramatically since alkalising my body. I would not want to live without this amazing water!
Warm wishes,


Dear Joseph Blessing,

Thank you for taking the time to call me to inquire how I am finding the use of the Ionizer which I purchased in October 2008. I would like to confirm in writing what I expressed to you verbally.

I have purchased the Ionizer because in my experience in the health field, I always searched for different means of maintaining optimal and balanced health, besides I have lost a kidney and I know that it is vital to maintain my only kidney functioning well.

I clearly understand that our normal intake of fluids is generally acid which is harmful for our bodies. I searched for ways to alkalinise the water I drink and found that the “Genesis” water Ionizer not only achieves this but also has other direct benefits.
To ensure the level of alkalinity I am achieving, I tested my saliva, finding the ph is around 8.00 which indicates as the optimal level.

Since drinking water from the Ionizer, I found that my renal function has improved, having reached a normal level. The water is easier to drink as it tastes almost suit. I noticed that my husband used to drink soft drinks on a daily basis, now he only drinks water and he is happy with the change. This means that the cost of the Ionizer has already been compensated with the savings of not buying drinks and the fact that they are not healthy.
Since I bought the Ionizer, I have cooked food with the alkaline water, obtaining better taste and in particular any cup of coffee or tea is much enjoyable.
I am very grateful that through my research for healthy living, my Chiropractor recommended the water Ionizer and I certainly recommend it to any person interested in obtaining optimal health.

                                                                    Norma R Anderson



Dec 08 - Brook’s Weatherwell 's Testimonial - Director Ionza Ltd
Now it’s my turn to share my experience of drinking ionized water for the last year.
I had been short of energy since having Hyperthyroidism three years ago, often needing to sleep in the afternoons, my energy literally dropping out from under me. Within six weeks of drinking the water I noticed a huge change to my energy, it was summer and I was able to work until it became dark, something that totally surprised and delighted me. 
This increase in energy has continued all year, enabling me to work very hard and consistently as we established the water business and worked on a major building project at the same time. Working to this degree has in fact contributed to my having another mild dose of Hyperthyroidism. I say mild as my blood test show only slightly elevated results and with a bit less work and some acupuncture have returned to normal. I now have to be careful to make sure that I use this extra energy to nurture and nourish myself, as well as working intensively. Back to the principles of balance that I wrote about in the first Health Talk.
Significant for me have been the changes to my hair and skin.
I have very fine hair, which has tended to be lank and lifeless. My hair now has much more natural body and can easily be styled, my hairdresser commenting on its condition and the amazing amount of new growth, after about seven months of drinking the water.
For me the greatest delight is to find my skin in much better condition. I have always had very dry skin, rather like snakeskin on my shins and a tendency to break out on my face. At one of the shows we attended I was told by a beauty consultant that 80% of skin care is from the inside of the body, which makes total sense now of the failure of lotions and skin creams to make much of a difference to the state of my skin. I am delighted to say that I have soft and silky skin for what feels like the first time in my life (well I probably had soft skin as a baby) The condition of my skin everywhere on my body is greatly improved and now this summer I have a natural shine on my legs rather than scales.

Another benefit for me has been that I have managed to stave off and flu's and colds this year. At the first signs I drank significant amounts of Ph10 water to support my immune system to eliminate the bugs and this definitely seemed to help my body fight off the attack.

Further I do believe that the water is helping me eliminate toxicity on a profound level, overall I feel an increasing sense of wellbeing and balance in my life.   

                                               Brook Weatherwell


I work in Nelson in the wellness industry.
I have used micro alkaline ionized water for 9 years- my pets given a choice will always choose the micro ionized water. I can honestly say that I never catch colds/ flus or any other seasonal nasties, and I work with the public hands on in my clinic as a remedial therapist, so I understand the importance of a well hydrated body. I have a permanent back disability and the micro water is excellent for hydrating the discs in my spine, which lowers the discomfort considerably. I would recommend the ionized water as a basis for keeping all aspects of physical and mental health.

               Kathleen Matheson, Bowen Clinic Nelson


Detox: “I was visiting friends for the weekend who had a Water Ionizer so I spontaneously decided to try it.  I was skeptical about its impact but never the less drank the water at an 8.5 PH level over the next couple of days.  Surprisingly,  on the morning of the second day I started to experience a kind of buzzing in the back of my head which I thought was unusual.  This developed into a wicked headache and was accompanied by sore muscles in my neck and shoulders.  These are the places that I usually experience stress.   I felt horrible, like how I have done when I am on a fast and I knew that my body had gone into a powerful detox,  my blood stream full of toxic waste.  Despite being extremely uncomfortable I was very impressed with the impact of the water.  So when I returned home a few weeks later I had the opportunity to try the Ionized Water again.   This time I was more tentative and mixed it half and half with tap water.  Again I experienced similar symptoms,  however less severe.  I also experienced  a strange feeling in my lungs that developed into a persistent cough.  I had never experienced a cough like this before, it did not feel like a cold or flu type cough.    I have not smoked cigarettes for over 10 years, however I had been a heavy smoker for about 12 years when I was younger.     I sensed that the detoxification effects of the Ionized water was expelling some old smokers residue in my lung tissues and I was very pleased about that.  The headaches and aching muscles lasted for about 3 and half days and the cough about 5 days.  Then all of the symptoms settled down and I felt great.    When I upped the PH level to 9 again I experienced mild symptoms in the form of stomach cramps for a day.  Now I continue drinking the water regularly and I am symptom free and feeling overall pretty good.”
                     Jazelle , Auckland


Energy levels and morning sickness:           

Dear Joseph,

we have the water filter up and running now. I am surprised how much better I feel already after only a few days. My morning sickness isn't quite as bad and while not "bouncing off the walls", my energy is lasting a little longer.

             Much appreciated
                                         Steph S. Nelson


Nov 08 - Joseph Blessing’s Testimonial - Director Ionza Ltd

I have been asked a lot how the water affected me, what I experience. I have given all sorts of snippets of responses over time, but thought that it is time to give more of a comprehensive account of my experience.

“I wanted to know for myself what I can achieve with this water and whether the claims are true……”

At the time of writing this, I have been drinking ionized alkaline water for 16 months, drinking about 2-4l a day, depending on the season….pretty much only ionized water in all those months….. I wanted to know for myself what I can achieve with this water and whether the claims are true……. well  here it goes:

        “…thought that there must be something wrong with the water…….”

First few days:
I started drinking ionized water without getting proper instructions. I drank pH9 straight away, had tummy ache in the first 2/3 days, was not impressed, and thought that there must be something wrong with the water…….

I checked in with the vendor, and oops…. I learned that I had detox symptoms. I was supposed to begin with pH8.5 and to adjust gently, as the water is very powerful and detoxes body and cells intensively. As my digestive system is a more vulnerable part in my body it made a lot of sense to me that I would have detox symptoms in this area.
The tummy upsetness disappeared after 3 days. (I learned with clients that generally we get detox symptoms in our vulnerable body parts, just like we get triggered psychologically in our vulnerable places…)

I drank pH 9.5 from about 6 weeks on.

        “I needed to have lunch usually latest by 12.30pm  becoming low in my energy or feeling stressed”

Hypoglycaemic, stressed before meals and tired after meals…..: While having a tendency to be hypoglycaemic, in the past I needed to have lunch usually latest by 12.30pm  becoming low in my energy or feeling stressed. After 5 weeks of drinking ionized water this issue was totally gone. I can go to 2.30pm or even 3pm and no stress.
After lunch for about 1/2 to 3/4 hour, I was regularly tired and low in energy. This condition also disappeared and I can now carry on with my day straight away. Yeahh!

        “I realised that I was able to work longer hours into the late afternoons and even evenings without being as exhausted as at other times”

Energy levels and endurance: After about 3 months of drinking ionized water one day I realised that I was able to work longer hours into the late afternoons and even evenings without being as exhausted as at other times.
It was particularly noticeable as I also worked physically hard in those months. In the past when I overworked I used to have backache, particularly lower back and also pain between my shoulder blades. I have not suffered this in the last 16 months

     “It dawned on me, that this is a sign of dehydration”

Signs of dehydration: I began noticing signs in my body, such as a sensation in my head. It dawned on me, that this is a sign of dehydration. I never noticed this before. The good thing in there is that now I am more informed to drink and hydrate.

        “I have been suffering from lower back pain intermittently for several years”

Lower back  pain:
Due to an accident I have been suffering from lower back pain intermittently for several years: While talking to a Bowen therapist at an Expo, she shared with me that ionized water hydrates the disks very effectively, therefore we will experience less aggravation and pain. This is exactly what happened to me, my backache is so much better. It has gradually improved over several months.

        “In the last year I noticed that I have become emotionally and physically more balanced”

Mood swings and Irritability: In the last year I noticed that I have became emotionally more balanced. I am also more relaxed in my self.
I have come to appreciate that this has to do with my body being more alkaline and less acidic on a cellular level. Alkalizing the body means the body cells are more relaxed, less aggrevated, less sour (acidic). It also affects the emotions. I am much less likely to get angry or irritable.

        “I have not had flu in the last 16 months”

Flu: I have not had flu in the last 16 months. I have attended a lot of meetings, been in lifts and aeroplanes often with people sneezing and having colds.  I have always been able to fend it off. When I feel a bug in my system, I drink pH 10, high in ORP and drink it as a remedy.

        “I travelled to Europe and return for only 11 days, had a commitment the morning after we             arrived…….”

Jetlag: I travelled to Europe and return for only 11 days, had a commitment the morning after we arrived, - no problem! I was surprised how well I felt and could just tee into the new day rhythm without too much stress or hangover. I guess it has something to do with the hydration level that keeps the organs in an optimal state, so they can cope much better with the conditions of flying, upset sleep pattern and time differences.

        “I recommend a water ionizer to every business and office to reduce staff sickness, and to improve focus and performance!”

Business and stress: In the last 12 months I have been enormously busy and was required to function well, as I was managing and directing several enterprises. My stress levels should be high given the amount of engagement.

I acknowledge that I am astounded by the amount I have been able to manage, achieve, handle and cope without getting too stressed or sick.

    “Longterm detox continues”

Even detox is still continuing on a gentle level. An iridology assessment recently told me that even after 16 months I am still detoxifying. Brown spots have been clearing slowly.

“Surely ionized water is not good for everything? It is not a magic allround remedy, - it does not mean that we won’t ever be sick again.”
I have been witnessing myself and with clients, that ionized water has amazing properties to offer- on a daily basis! I’ve been asking myself, “surely ionized water is not good for everything?”  It is not a magic allround remedy, - it does not mean that we won’t ever be sick again. However generally we feel well and do not get sick that easily. Those who are sick are more supported to become well, have more energy and commonly feel better more quickly.

I get up in the morning drink 2 good sized glasses of ionized high alkaline water pH9.5 …ahhh ……..I love the feeling in my body ….
………All of it is well worth it!

Best wishes to you

    Joseph Blessing


Given the experience made in other countries such as the US, we also have included some of the testimonials which were sent to our colleague Alderin Ordell of Water for Life USA, relating to the KYK Harmony 9040.

US Testimonials:


Hi Alderin! 

I have been drinking Genesis ionized water since October 2008.  At that time I weighed 450 lbs and was taking medications for high blood pressure, type II diabetes, cholesterol and other heart-related issues. It is now June 1, 2009 and I have lost 70 lbs, cut my blood pressure medication from 200 mg per day to 50 mg per day, eliminated Glipizide for my diabetes, cut Metformin (diabetes) from 2000 mg per day to 1000 per day and routinely never see a blood sugar finger stick above 130! I have also eliminated or reduced dosage on (3) other medications.

In addition to all of the above benefits, I am sleeping better and feel more energized during the day.  Most importantly my attitude has improved because I know I'm taking action that is improving my health and allowing me to live much longer than if I would have had I continued on my path.

I highly recommend the KYK Genesis Water Ionizer and Water for Life USA.

Jim Smith
Anaheim, California USA


Some of the KYK water effects:

  • in less then 2 months, I lost 4-5 kilograms, and 4-5 cm fat on my nipping
  • my head was totally hairless on the middle (3-4 years ago), and now the hair begins to grow
  • our patients like the taste and the effects of the water, most of them suffer from constipation, and when they drink the water, they don't have constipation
  • the water increase the positive effect of bioresonance therapy (probably better hydratation, better conductivity)

Please transmit our patients and personally our thanks to Mr. Kim Young Kwi. He is a great scholar.

Thanks, nice to meet you.

Mr. Zolst, Hungary

Hi Alderin,

Thank you very much. I appreciate the automatic warranty. I am really excited about your product. It is a good looking unit, it functions perfectly, and seems very sturdy. It came with all the needed fittings and more. I was using it the evening that I received it.

I am a very happy customer and thank you for the great customer service. The water is delicious and if I see any positive health results with me, my family, or my cats, I will certainly give you a good news update.

Take care and best regards,



I have just finished my first 7 days with my KYK water unit. It is amazing! Thank you for your efforts in bringing this machine to the USA. I am enthusiastic about sharing it.

David, Georgia

Dear Alderin,

Dr. Gerone is buying a machine from me soon. She is an ENT doctor/surgen, but has a dual practice in Holistic medicine. She has been detoxing me for over a month now. I got a QFA/BTA test a month ago and had a follow up test today. I have lost 30 pounds in 30 days without changing my diet. She has me on a number of enzimes and stuff. I had been drinking alkaline water a week before I first saw her. She said that alkaline water was the best therapy for detox, so I bought a machine. (a great one at that!)

My mother is in love with her machine and I am sure in a week or so all of her friends will want one. I am also considering placing a small ad in a Holistic health newspaper called Aquarius that is popular around here.

S.Grant, Georgia

Hi Alderin

Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the Harmony ionizer we purchased from Water for Life USA. It's very well designed and easy to operate. For me, having the ORP reading is a real plus, since that is possibly more important that pH. The color coded LCD makes it very easy to see what's going on.

I usually run the ionizer on the "pH 10" setting for drinking water (several glasses a day) and for making green drinks.

I am delighted that my pH (as measured from saliva and urine) has increased with drinking ionized water. I am also hydrating better (being 65 yrs. old, hydration is quite important).

Thanks for guiding me to purchase this unit rather than other units.

Ken Kaufman, PhD, North Carolina

"The prime reason I bought my Harmony water ionizer about a month ago was that I was hopeful that it might help to relieve my my digestion problems that would typically keep me awake for half the night. For the past 25 years, I lived on acid reducers having tried every over-the-counter brand as well as a few prescription jobbies. However, ever since I started using my ionizer a month ago, I have not had the need to take a single acid reducer. More importantly, I sleep better (not perfect, but much better). However, the other benefit from using the ionizer is just as dramatic and something I never expected. I had complained to doctors for many years that I was never able to exercise for more than twenty minutes at a time nor exercise more than two or three times a week even though every doctor would tell me to exercise more. It seemed that my muscles and lungs would reach exhaustion after twenty minutes of exercising and it was practically impossible for me to exercise two days in a row. However, since using my ionizer, I am able to not only exercise five or six times a week, but also exercise longer (up to 40 min.) each time. Obviously, it was the higher pH and the additional oxygen from the ionized water that made the tremendous difference. Maybe you ought to tell Barry Bonds."

Thomas , New Orleans.

"I purchased my Harmony as a Christmas gift for my husband. I know the health benefits are there but the most noticable is that the water just tastes so much better than our tap water or water through a "Brita" filter. Another amazing benefit is the effect on my house plants. I save the discharge water and use it to water my plants. My cyclamen, peace lilly, and African violets are all flowering as never before - they are loaded with blooms. The greenery is healthy and lush. I never expected this result. Anyone with house plants will be thrilled with the side benefit of the an alkaline, ionized water."

Pamela Haukaas , Hawaii.

"My experience stems from a close family member with cancer and a quick education on how cancer cells tend to react to a alkaline environment in the body. I purchased a unit and did a ph test on my wife and I before we started using the new alkaline filtering system. I tested fair and the wife was acidic. We began the use of the alkaline water for drinking, cooking, etc. along with good diet and vitamin supplementation. In approximately two months we retested our ph levels and the wife and I both improved our ph substantially. Unfortunately our family member was diagnosed too late with their cancer for anything to help. But, I have a cat that has cancer and the vet wanted to put her down in February of this year but we needed time to accept his recommendation. We put her on a better diet and began giving her only alkaline water and four months later her strength and appetite is returning along with the reduced swelling of her glands caused by the cancer. Was it the alkaline water??? All I know is my cat is living a fairly normal life four months after her vets recommendation to terminate her life. I am not a doctor and have no formal education concerning medical issues, all I know is my body and my family members have seemed to benefit from lots of alkaline water, good eating habits and appropriate vitamin supplements. I will continue to drink healthy for life!"

Randy Webb, Wisconsin.

"I had read about the importance of pH balancing, and even about a healing resort in Switzerland with natural moutain stream water with a pH of 9 (a little alkaline) that has healed many people of a variety of diseases. I measured the pH of my tap water to be a pH of 6 (slightly acidic), and my reverse-osmosis water to be a pH of 5.5 (more acidic!). I bought my Harmony water ionizer because I was concerned about health problems caused by drinking and cooking with this water. I set it to output with a pH of 9, and my wife and I use it for all drinking and cooking water. I found that I craved this water and drank more water over the day than before because it tasted so good. After a few days, we both noticed that our feces was dark and goopy, but there was no discomfort. This continued for about a month, and then our feces went back to normal. Since the same thing happened to both of us, and the water was the only thing we changed, we knew it was the water that caused this cleansing effect. We were surprised to get this effect since we had both been taking Primal Defense probiotic for several years. We both feel better after having switched to the Harmony water ionizer."

Jeremy, Sacramento, CA.

"Purchasing the Harmony purifer has been one of the best decisions I have made for my family. After I had tried the alkaline water on two occasions, I had wanted to purchase one. The water is is so easy to stay hydrated because it tastes so good! We cook with it, we make our coffee with it and we notice that even our "green" drinks mix up differently, the greens stay in suspension in the drink, and it tastes good! I use the acid water on anything that I want to deodorize and it works...water bottles, sponges, dishcloths, etc. no longer smell stagnant. I love my Harmony and would recommend this purifer to everyone!"

Jolene, Toledo, Ohio.

"One of the first things I noticed with the Harmony purifier mode was when I had used it as a water supply for my Salt Water Aquarium. These fish are notoriously delicate and susceptable to water comntaminants. I kept having problems with keeping my fish alive, but after switching from tap water to the purified water out of the Harmony, my fish were surviving. I then figured that if the tap water was slowly killing my fish, what could it be doing to us who drink it daily? Now, I drink almost all my water from the Harmony. Thanks Water for Life USA!"

TR, Carmichael, CA.