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SANI-LIZZIE - Disinfectant Generator - Spray bottle 350ml - FREE FREIGHT NZ

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Product Description



Disinfectant Generator


Ecofriendly Sanitiser & Desinfectant

SANI-LIZZIE uses electrolysis and a built-in microcomputer controlling system to produce high quality disinfectant.

.. just fill 300ml of water and add 2 g salt .. in 10 minutes it is ready !

99.9% of sterilizing power

By using cooking salt and water as raw materials, it produces

highly efficient sodium hypochlorite disinfection fluid.


It can be used for disinfecting of surfaces, business premises and clinics

Applications and Functions of Sani-Lizzie:
The disinfectant fluid made by this disinfectant generator is sodium hypochlorite which has wide applications.
This fluid is well proven to be a highly efficient and strong sterilizing agent with a broad spectrum.

It can effectively kill various bacteria and viruses

including bacterial pneumonia, colon bacillus, staphylococcus, annihilate allergen,

and prevent the occurrence of hepatitis, flue and other diseases.



The Sani-Lizzie sanitiser and disinfectant spray also has a positive degradation effect on many chemicals. For instance, it can degrade the residual pesticide on vegetables and fruits and kill various harmful bacteria, like the toxic bacteria which can produce flavacin.

It also has a strong cleaning, bleaching, dirt-removing and odor-removing ability .. 

and it kills mould !


Disinfecting surfaces from Coronavirus:

The active ingredient which is very successful in disinfecting is sodium hypochlorite solution. It is a form of bleach.

Sodium Hypochlorite is named by the Australian government as one solution to sanitise and disinfect coronavirus:

Scientific information about Sodium Chloride as an effective disinfectant is shared on this website:

" G.2. Bleach: Bleach is a strong and effective disinfectant – its active ingredient sodium hypochlorite is effective in killing bacteria, fungi and viruses, including influenza virus "


With the Sani-Lizzie you can make Sodium Chloride solution fresh. In this particular mode and concentration the solution is highly effective yet the chlorine is present only in a low concentration, marrying the best between effectively killing bacteria, mould, viruses, ecoli, etc and being still gentle on the body to apply. Only a gentle chlorine smell !






 Other info from:

Laundry: Sodium Hypochlorite .. it is added to the laundry to kill germs and to make white clothes whiter. Perhaps you've seen it put to other uses too. Because of its chemical properties, this compound has so many roles in the war against germs, it deserves the title Public Health Champion.

Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), is a very useful and inexpensive disinfectant. A disinfectant kills germs that can make people sick.

Safe Water

Safe drinking water is a basic requirement for good health.  In the past due to waterborne (meaning "carried in the water") diseases people got sick. These diseases were caused by germs infecting people through the simple act of drinking water.

Typhoid fever is a waterborne disease caused by the tiny bacterium Salmonella typhi. This nasty little critter, found in untreated water but visible only through a microscope, causes its victims to suffer with a dangerously high temperature and many other painful symptoms. Before antibiotic drugs were invented to treat bacterial infections, typhoid fever was often fatal. Beginning in 1908, as U.S. water systems began to chlorinate drinking water, typhoid fever and other serious waterborne diseases were practically eliminated. Many councils add Sodium hypochlorite to source water to make is safe to consume for residents.


Safe Food Preparation

Sodium hypochlorite is used in safe food production and preparation. It is added to water in amounts that are known to destroy germs that are associated with raw foods. Sodium hypochlorite solutions disinfect food preparation surfaces, food sorting machinery, containers and instruments of all types involved in producing, transporting and preparing the foods we love to eat.

Medical Uses

Sodium hypochlorite solutions are also used to disinfect many types of surfaces in hospitals, medical labs, doctors' offices and nursing homes to prevent the spread of infection among patients, residents and workers. This is pretty important when you realise that people in hospitals and nursing homes are sick or elderly and therefore unable to fight off infections as well as healthy people can.



The Chemistry:



















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    Posted by Tracey on 18th Apr 2021

    I rely on the Sannie Lizzie for cleaning our Shell and Crab Hut, Camo Hut per the covid rules we need to adhere to for AirbnB per the website

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