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  • KYK HYDROGEN MAX - Underbench Faucet
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  • KYK Hydrogen Max - Benchtop Water Ioniser
  • KYK Hydrogen Max - Benchtop Water Ioniser

KYK HYDROGEN MAX - Underbench Hydrogen Water Ionizer - Electronic Faucet - FREE FREIGHT NZ

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Product Description

 KYK  HYDROGEN MAX - Underbench Option

The Ultra Smart Solution for the most health-promoting water

in a modern kitchen environment


  The HYDROGEN MAX is the new generation Hi-Tec Water Ioniser System with the latest PEM Membrane

which allows us to drink extra rich hydrogen water with huge antioxidant potential

.. to boost and maintain our health

.. and as much as we want !



This H+ PEM Ioniser Technology

offers not only

high concentration of hydrogen water

but also an abundance of charged electrons

for promoting cellular health

and supporting the body's immune-system


Innovative technology for over 1570ppb of hydrogen dissolved in water



Hydrogen is the smallest molecule on the planet

It can enter cells and tissues faster than any other element or molecule

It is the most effective and natural anti-oxidant




The KYK HYDROGEN MAX offers high quality ionised Hydrogen-rich water.

This special water is soft and delicious and very easy to drink !


Together with the abundance of electrons,

the structured nature of the water (=small water molecule clusters)

the HYDROGEN MAX offers alive water.

It stimulates the self-healing capacities in the body.


100's of Research papers show the effectiveness of hydrogen water as a healing agent:

More info:







The base unit of the KYK HYDROGEN MAX Underbench

can also be installed as an optional Benchtop Ioniser


Additionally the KYK HYDROGEN MAX offers strong & safe Ozone Water for sterilizing & disinfecting.


Ozone Water has the power to kill viruses

Ozone Water can kill Coronavirus Sars and Covid 19 within seconds on contact.

Just spray the Ozone Water onto surfaces 

or soak vegies and fruit in Ozone Water for a minute

or use generally for cleaning.

More info and scientific research:  >> ozone water killing bacteria and viruses




The KYK HYDROGEN MAX comes from one of the most experienced Water ioniser companies in the world.

KYK in South Korea

with about 40 years of experience.

It offers excellent technology.

Advanced technology-intensive special cation exchange membrane in the electrolytic cell system.

 Using three premium filters, the water tastes clean and good. 

The Filters of the KYK HYDROGEN Max are equipped with filter chips

designed to control the period of use.



Automatic cleaning after each use !


Filter life:

1st filter - Sediment:  6 months

2nd filter - Pre-carbon:  6 months

3rd filter - Post-carbon: 12 months






Dimensions of Base Unit in mm:

315 (w) x 430 (h) x 150 (d)



Everyone in our family is enjoying our 'new' water.

My husband is no longer having to lug heavy water bottles home from work every day !!

We are so grateful to have great quality water without plastic bottle delivery.

What is more, the water from the Filter Ioniser is so much better

that our daughter is drinking more water !

Thanks so much, Brent and Kay



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