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  • IonPlus electronic stainless tap
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IonPlus - 7plate Underbench Water Ionizer/Alkaliser - Electronic Tap - FREE FREIGHT NZ

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Product Description


If you are looking for a great and attractive Under-bench Water Ionizer (or Kangen water machine) 

powerful & offering super-delicious water ...

extremely practical due to its large swivel-spouts ...

 at a great price & with excellent Ionza service backup

 ... then the IonPlus is a great choice !


Manufactured by Ion-TEC South Korea, the new IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer is setting a new standard in water ionisation. Its stainless electronic tap offers convenient control of various choices of pH and purified water. Its luxurious modern design will fit into even the most sophisticated kitchens, while it has the power to clean, re-vitalise, alkalise and ionise your tap water.



Latest Technology matched with modern design: Introducing the new IonPlus Undersink Water Ionizer, offering a fully stainless steel faucet, easy to use controls, 7 platinum-titanium plates, and an advanced filtration system.

The IonPlus also offers the DARC cleaning system that automatically cleans your water ionizer for optimal performance. Plus, the IonPlus automatically adjusts ionization to your source water with an advanced MICOM system. This insures you’ll get just the right level of ionization for whatever your needs.

Worried about heavy metals, chlorine, leftover pharmaceutical drugs and other contaminants in your drinking water?  The IonPlus uses an 11 stage advanced filtration system, which includes super ceramic, anion ceramic, and anti-bacterial ceramic for removing many and difficult contaminants. It also includes activated carbon, carbon block, and a sediment filter for getting the bigger contaminants out. The result is you get a fresh glass of alkaline ionized water every time! (Please note for effective fluoride removal it pays to add the FluorEX Max twin prefilters)


The Undersink Water Ionizer Faucet:

Up until the release of the IonPlus ioniser .. the biggest complaints for previous Undersink models were that the faucets were too small, the arms didn’t swivel well, they were made of plastic, and the controls were hard to use. With the IonPlus, you’ve got a faucet tall enough to put a large pot underneath it. It’s also made out of stainless steel so that it is easy to clean and beautiful to look at. The top arm of the faucet extends well into your sink and swivels the entire length of your sink, making it easy to wash with the acidic water or cook with the alkaline water. The buttons are also easy to understand and push so even children and the elderly will have no problem using and enjoying the IonPlus.

 Please note: The IonPlus electronic tap will be additionally to your normal sinktap!


pH range of pH 3-11

ORP - Potential: up to -800mV

  • Filter system: 3600 litre capacity or 6 months
  • Premium Multi-media Filtration, 0.1 micron: purifies, contaminants, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride (optional)
  • Dimensions (mm): Base: 360h x 285w x 140d   -  Faucet: 45w x 280h - Spouts:  Top 220w & Low 170w
  • Manufacturer: ION-TEC - South Korea
  • 1-3 Year Warranty on Parts and Labour
  • Ionza Ltd - the NZ Importer and Service Agent for Ion-TEC 


IonPlus - filter 

ionplus-filter-media-diagram-m.jpgThe filter cartridge is made out of an 11 stage advanced filtration system. It is made out of activated carbon, carbon block and a sediment media for removing chlorine, heavy metals, ag chemicals. It also includes super ceramic, anion ceramic and anti-bacterial ceramic for removing the most difficult contaminants.


The IonPlus ionizer has an integrated filter life counter, which will communicate when the filter is due for replacement.


Customer Review:

I LOVE my Ionza – the water tastes great

I can tell when I have drunk water from the normal tap – it tastes terrible, so we only drink IonPlus water now. 

 One of my favourite things about the Ionplus is that it looks nice in our kitchen, and so easy to use. 







Dimensions of IonPlus E-faucetionplus-tap-dimensions-m.jpg

For installation purposes the faucet requires a 30-32mm diameter hole

Data cable length: 1.5m

Base Unit dimensions:



I am 65 years old and l spent 45 years working in industries a lot of physical work  I now struggle with ongoing pain and discomfort with osteoarthritis to all my joints since my 40s. in August 2020 l had a knee replacement . I was talking further  pain relief and ant inflammatory tablets. As there is no cure for osteoarthritis.  l researched the alkaline water for a much healthier pain relief option. In November 2020 l purchased the Ionza alkaline tap (IonPlus with Fluoride Filter) and followed the drinking instructions. I now feel wonderful the pain levels have dropped. The inflammation through out my body continues to reduce. I manage my stress levels better, l have more energy and am so much happier. I swear by this amazing water. I have since shared my wonderful experience and encouraged all my children and family to have alkaline water systems installed in there homes and become medication free.
Lorraine Tawhiao


Warranty Information

1 year standard
Additional year warranty: $150/year up to 3 years in total

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