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Hydrogen-alkaline rich water for athletes-Serbia

Drinks with alkaline negative oxidative reduction potential improve exercise performance in physically active men and women:

Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial of efficacy and safety

The use of performance-enhancing aids has been documented since ancient times and such practices
are not reserved for elite or Olympian-level athletes [15]. Since many athletes are looking for ergogenic
aids that do not have side effects and cannot be detected during drug testing, nutritional ergogenic aids,
including carbohydrates, bicarbonates and dietary antioxidants, are promising alternatives [1]. Athletes
who engage in high-intensity exercise such as sprint cycling and swimming along with track events and
team sports could be interested in ergogenic aids that buffer against lactic acid [14, 22]. On the other
hand, intense physical exercise increases oxidative stress, which leads to enhanced production of free
radicals, a factor related to prolonged recovery and exercise-induced fatigue [6] with antioxidant
supplementation which can decrease biomarkers of oxidative stress and improve muscular performance
in humans [13, 18, 19]. Therefore, a dietary supplement with both buffering and antioxidant effects,
could be of particular interest to both recreational and top-level athletes .... >> Read more/download pdf