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Holistic Cancer Congress 2013

This second year event was a total success.

b-lipton-hcc13.gifIonza was invited to place our stand in the main forum of the congress. We were able to offer our products and dispense ionized alkaline water to the 270 congress participants. Attendees included doctors, naturopaths, various other health professionals and participants from private sectors.hcc13.gif

The Conference Centre in Penrose, Auckland was packed when Dr Bruce Lipton spoke on Epigenetics, all seats taken, people were standing. It was breath taking to hear how basing illness on an understanding of genetics alone is limiting and misleading.

bruce-lipton.jpgBruce described the body as a community of 50 trillion cells that are rather like miniature people, with features of many of the same basic systems. Evidence was given showing that genes respond to the environmental conditions, changing expression according to the conditions, whether exposed to a bad or good environment. The blood is the culture medium of the body; the blood is our cellular environment.

We are all able to influence our own internal environment through what we eat, drink, think and feel, giving us much greater ability to affect our own health than most of us appreciate. Further we can gauge the value of things through our experience using feedback mechanisms of the body as to whether something gives us energy or causes us to lose energy.

Bruce identified that symptoms of an illness are messengers that there is a problem. It is up to us to reflect on the message to understand what the cause of the problem is. Our perception creates belief, which in turn adjusts our biology. He encourages us to create coherence between our beliefs and reality and to live our dreams and desires.


dr-ian-gawler.jpgDr Ian Gawler based in Australia, one of the leading experts of natural ways of preventing and treating cancer made some interesting points. He identifies 'meta inflammation', low-level systemic inflammation, as a major factor in most chronic degenerative diseases. He defined the mind as, an embodied relational process, determined by its activity, regulating the flow of energy and information.

He coaches people to meditate regularly. Meditation is relaxing calming and acts as a pH regulator, alkalizing the body.

He also introduced the concept of Life-style medicine, an approach of taking responsibility for how you live your life. The basics for a healthy and holistic life are determined by what you eat/drink/exercise/state of mind/ relationships/and spiritual life.

Ian's experience is that cancer is a highly preventable illness through good life-style. As the major cause of many of our illnesses, lifestyle is also the most effective treatment.

He advocates accepting where you are, getting clarity about where you want to go and making a commitment to finding a way, including possibilities beyond what you already know.

With this as an approach it is possible to regulate and treat cancer, as the body has phenomenal self-healing capacities when given what it needs naturally.

Meditation as a regular measure may not seem much of a revolutionary change to people's lifestyle. However bringing into perspective that stress is a major influence on the blood, resulting in body tissues and cells becoming too acidic, then meditation becomes a great tool for prevention and treatment of cancer, assisting us to find more calm resolve in our day to day lives.


thorntonstreeter.jpgDr Thornton Streeter, scientist and developer of the Biofield scan gave us an intro into the relevance of energy and quantum field.

The view of our Self changes somewhat when we realize that we are made out of energy: what we see and touch - skin, bones, organs, our body and in fact all material, are actually fast spinning protons, electrons and molecules, creating material and form.

He announced that now we can take photos of our biofield and can acknowledge where there is free flow of energy. It is possible to read the photographs, and identify where there are blocks in our energy configuration, giving indications where we are vulnerable to developing illness.


Brook and Joseph from Ionza were invited to give a 15minute presentation on alkaline ionized water and the importance of eliminating acidity.

Identifying Ionized alkaline water as a Lifestyle medicine choice they were able to remind people of the value of drinking water with the best possible properties to support effective cellular function.

The effects of stress of any sort are acidifying of the internal environment in the body. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, and are inhibited by an alkaline or neutral environment. Ionized alkaline water offers alkaline pH and antioxidants, inhibiting cancer cell growth.

Alkaline water creates conditions to promote cellular connectedness through ionic minerals and the electrical charge of the antioxidants; it is very effective to enhance healthy cellular function, and to help the body unload toxicity.

Through the use of the water we become more sensitive to our cellular experience, and ourselves ultimately assisting us to maintain a positive and proactive approach to our living.

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