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H+ Chi Hydrogen maker Manual

H+ Chi Magnum & Turbo  - Manual


The most innovative technology:

*   Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology from DuPont® (USA)

* State of the art Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) technology

* Works with all types of drinking water including Distilled and RO

* Separates and expels harmful by-products of Chlorine, Ozone and Oxides

* Produces the highest industry levels of molecular Hydrogen concentrates

* Have the safest high quality Platinum coated Titanium Electrode Plates

* Best portable generators in the industry

* No filters or any expensive parts to replace

Quick Start Guide

Set Up:

  • Wash glass bottle and lid with soap and warm water. Remove bottle from generator for HB-H04 firstly then wash it.
  • Remove silicone plug sealing the generator well that has kept the generator moist in shipping.
  • Twist bottle on to generator (or adapter) and hand tighten.
  • Cap bottle with lid and insert USB cable into Unit USB Port.

Insert other cable end to power plug and plug it into outlet.

  • Charge Unit for 2-3 hours until full charge then take off charger.
  • With bottle attached rinse out Generator with warm water.
  • Fill bottle up to below threads with clean drinking water.
  • Operate generator to make hydrogen water.


H+ Chi Magnum parts diagram:




H+ Chi Turbo parts diagram:



To Operate:

1. Press power button. The working indicator light will turn blue, making H2 for 5 minutes. Pressing the button for a second time will turn the working indicator light green, making H2 for 7 minutes. Pressing button a third time will turn power off.

2.After a 5 or 7 minutes cycle the working indicator light will turn off, completing process. For   higher concentration of H2, use the 7 minute cycle.

3. You can drink the hydrogen water directly out of the bottle or pour it into another container. It is best to drink water within one hour. Hydrogen will dissipate over time.

4. If the working indicator light flashes red, this means the battery power is low and needs to be charged.

5.If you cycle more than twice, release gas pressure at bottle lid.

6.Operate unit on table to open ozone gas release valve on bottom.

7. Charging: The battery has an expected life of 400 charges.   Keeping your machine plugged in all day during use may prematurely cause your battery to fail sooner. It is ok to finish cycling to operate while charging if your battery dies during operation, but do not use again until battery fully charges and light stops blinking. Do Not Keep Plugged In.

8. Attaching a drinking water bottle.                      

a. Choose a suitable adaptor to match the bottle neck, then screw adaptor with generator tightly . Use the generator cover sideways to screw rings at notches for HB-H04 model.

b. Screw generator on tight like a cap to avoid leaking.

c. Turn over and generate up into bottle


Daily Use:

  • Never leave plugged in while using during the day. Always discharge the battery some or all before recharging.
  • For maximum benefit drink 45 bottles or more per day.
  • Use any clean purified water when possible to keep plates clean.
  • Check and empty bottom waste chamber before refilling.
  • After using 3 or more cycles, there may be a little wastewater in the bottom waste chamber.Please unscrew the bottom and discard the water. If no water is discharged in the waste chamber, that is normal, the machine is controlling pressure adequately, waste O3 and Chlorine are discharged by gas.    
  • Never let the Generator dry out and leave a little water to keep the electrode plate moist.



  • Never operate Generator without water in the bottle.
  • Keep USB Port sealed by plugging its cover back in.
  • Generator is shipped wet, remove plug before using.
  • Operate only with any type of clean drinking water.
  • Not for use with hot, carbonated or other beverages.
  • Always keep Generator Plate Well wet and never store dry.
  • Unit will stop charging when LED light stops blinking.
  • Do not place Generator unit in a refrigerator or cooler.
  • Do not soak or submerge Generator Unit under water.
  • Operate only for the water you will drink in one hour.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or heat that can dry out the plates.
  • Use room temperature water. Never freeze or use ice.
  • Never use any chemical cleaners on Generator unit.
  • Release gas pressure at lid if cycling more than twice.
  • Keep away from children, Pets, Heat and Flames.
  • Do not pull cable from wire or plug with wet hands.


Occasional Descaling Maintenance

Depending on the mineral oxide content in your drinking water, clean the electrolysis plates by descaling once or twice a month. To descale simply add 1 part either white vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid to 3 parts water into the bottle and leave generator soaking in mix overnight.

Dump and rinse thoroughly with warm water before using the next day.


Trouble Shooting

No visible bubbles

  • Check power source
  • Remove plug and obstacles

Light blinks when

operating unit

  • Low battery indicator
  • Charge Unit ASAP

Low PPM levels

when tested with

Blue Drops

  • Allow 7 days to break-in
  • Operate the unit more times to activate PEM membrane

Wetness in Generator

  • Units are shipped wet

Battery not charging

  • Check for defective Plug or cable

Machine is

Leaking water

  • Check all seals, tighten lid
  • Check or empty waste chamber
  • Fill water to ½ of top rim

Bottle has odor or

Unit makes less gas

  • Clean descale as needed
  • Use different water source

Unit stopped working

  • Contact For Support

Glass bottle broke

  • Contact to order replacement

Unit stopped charging

  • Contact For Support

Water expels into

waste chamber

  • Leave bottle lid a little loose
  • Use a more purified water

For All Other Issues or Unsolved Problems Contact For Support


Product Specifications


USB 5V / 2A      Output: ≤10W

Bottle Capacity


Water Type Required

All Potable Drinking Water Types

Water Temperature Range

32ᵒ – 140ᵒ F / 0ᵒ - 60ᵒ C


2.6” x 9” Ht / 67mm W x 225mm Ht

Unit Net Weight

1.2 lbs / 544Grams

Hydrogen Generation Range

1.2-2.4ppm(Depends on working time)

ORP Range

-350mv ~ -750mv

Bottle Material

Borosilicate Glass or

Plastic (if applicable)


Warranty: One Year on defect parts and labour 


Disclaimer: These Products have not been evaluated and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Seek medical advice if seriously ill and or attempting to cure or prevent disease.