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DIS-EASE: 20+ Research articles: Combat a range of Dis-eases with ionised water

The following are a series of articles offering a wide range of information, experience, and research about ionised alkaline water and how it supports the body to combat a wide range of dis-eases.

The way that is possible is due to its ingredients, and its properties acting on the body's organism. Ionised water:

  • Stimulates detox continuously (Antioxidants)
  • Fosters increased elimination
  • Supports the lymphs
  • Offers powerful instruments to counter acidity in body tissues and cells (due to its alkalinity), and ...  read on>>







Research Papers and Articles:

Alkaline water and the effect on Intestinal fermentation: Download pdf file here>>

Abdominal complaints, constipation, diarrhoea: Download pdf file here>>

Abdominal complaints: Ionised water, clinical evaluation- Dr Robert Young:Download pdf file here>>

Antimicrobial Activity (German): Download pdf file here>>

Burns: Download pdf file here>>

Diabetes - Can you treat diabetes with ionized water: (German):Download pdf file here>>

Diabetes: English translation of the essence of above article/research: Download pdf file here>>

Anti Diabetic effect of Antioxidant Reducing water: Download pdf file here>> 

Pancreas functions improve: Download pdf file here>>

Chronic Acidosis, Bonehealth and Osteoporosis, Prof Vormann, Germany: Download pdf file here>>

Understanding ionised water and health, Dr Hayashi: Download pdf file here>>

Understanding free radical damage  and ionised water, Dr Shirahata - Japan:Download pdf file here>>

Medical Research on ionised water: Download pdf file here>>

Impact of acidosis affecting disease of organs - Dr Baroody: Download pdf file here>>


Nine Medical Case Studies – Japan

1)   High Blood Pressure  -  Prof. Kuninaka Hironage, Head of Kuninaka Hospital

2)   Gyneocological Conditions  -  Prof. Watanabe Ifao. Watanabe Hospital, Japan

3)   Heart Disease  -  Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine, Japan

4)   Eczema  -  Prof. Tamura Tatsuji, Keifuku Rehabilitation Center, Japan

5)   Allergy  -   Prof. Kuninaka Hironaga, Head of Kuninaka-Hospital, Japan

6)   Digestive System problem  -  Prof. Kogure Keizou, Kogure Clinic of Juntendo Hospital, Japan

7)   Diabetes -  Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine, Japan

8)   Obesity  -  Prof. Hatori Tasutaroo, Head of Akajiuiji Blood Centre, Yokohama Hospital, Faitama

9)   Hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria  -  Prof. Kuninaka Hironage, Head of Kuninaka Hospital

10)  Kidney Disease  -  Prof. Kuwata Keijiroo, Doctor of Medicine, Japan

......  Download pdf file here>>`


Cancer - The electrical properties of cancer cells - Dr Steve Hatiwanger: Download pdf file here>>`

Cancer - Natural & alternative ways of treating & the role of ionised antioxidant water: Download pdf file here>>

Anti cancer effect of alkaline reduced water: Download pdf file here>>

Cancer prevention and ionised antioxidant water, Dr Otto Warburg: Download pdf file here>>`

Preventing cancer, Sang Whang - Excerpts of his book: 'Reverse Aging': Download pdf file here>>

Medical case studies - Japan: Download pdf file here>>

Diabetic wound healing with electrolysed water - Research from Pakistan: Download pdf file here>>

Dr Budwig - Natural ways of responding to cancer: Download pdf file here>>