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COMBO DEAL: Hydrogen Bottle + FREE Alka Bottle - FREE FREIGHT NZ & AUS

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Product Description

 Get the Best of Both Worlds with the The Ultimate Travel Buddies Combo Deal

FREE Alka Bottle!

$395 (save $59)

Hydrogen Bottle + Alka Bottle

 Combo Deal: Hydrogen Bottle + Alka Bottle

= The Ultimate Travel Buddy Combo!

Perfect for traveling, getting the best of both worlds with purified, alkaline and hydrogen (antioxidant) rich water.

How to make purified, alkaline and Hydrogen Rich water in just 10 minutes?
Pour ordinary tap water into your Alka Bottle, give it 5 - 7 shakes, after a few minutes transfer to the Hydrogen Bottle, 5 minutes later you have delicious water that will help with.....


  • Boosting the immune system
  • Detoxification
  • Feeling energised and vital
  • Recovery after your workout




 H+ CHI Magnum


Portable Molecular Hydrogen Water maker 


Flexible, compact bottle on the go ... for office, gym, flights, play, sports




 300ml Glass bottle


 only 5 minutes and the H+ infused water is ready ... about 10-15 loads before recharging !


2 settings:  Normal charge & Turbo = 1.5 x charge




The most innovative technology:


Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology from DuPont® (USA)


* State of the art Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) technology


* Works with all types of drinking water including Distilled and RO


* Separates and expels harmful by-products of Chlorine, Ozone and Oxides


* Produces the highest industry levels of molecular Hydrogen concentrates


* Have the safest high quality Platinum coated Titanium Electrode Plates


* Best portable generators in the industry


* No filters or any expensive parts to replace






h-chi-magnum-cr1.jpgKey Function:
1. Portable Hydrogen Water Maker
2. Two settings: just 5 minutes or 7 minutes to create MOLECULAR hydrogen-rich water
3. 750-1600ppb molecular hydrogen concentration
4. -350mV to -700mV ORP charge = electron-rich water !
5. Approx 10 -15 times use from one full charge
6. Adapter to Hydrogenate water bottles
7. Made in China with Korean plates




Characteristics of hydrogen water:


1) Molecular H+ is the smallest molecule on the planet: can enter cells and tissues fast and effectively - much faster than vitamin C
2) Eliminates free oxygen radicals and prevent cell damage - Hydrogen is the most powerful  and effective anti-oxidant
3) Micro-clustered, hexagonal water - vitalising the water clusters
4) Rich mineral catalysts and active hydrogen ion(H-)




Use of H+ water: bluewater-hydrogen-water-activities.jpg


- For recovery from strenuous exercise such as mountain climbing, running, cycling, golfing, hot yoga etc
- Support and recovery from long distance driving or travelling,


- To overcome the effects of jet-lag
- To relieve the feeling of fatigue: Students, IT people, office workers ...
- To relieve hangovers


Above video Youtube: Interview Tyler Le Baron (Hydrogen institute) and Dr Mercola - click on image to watch ...


- Anti-Aging


- To boost your immune system on a daily basis
- For preventative health and wellness
- To avoid sickness
- To feel energised and vital


- To increase performance at the work place
- To prolong concentration capacity and mental sharpness at the office
- To have that extra performance edge at sports competitions
- To recover faster from the effects of lactic acid build up during work out and sports competitions


- To feel and look younger




Charging the CHI H+ Magnum: The Chi H+ Magnum comes with a charger and a USB cable ... therefore it is easy charging anywhere with the supplied USB cable or mains power supply. Easy access in airplanes or at airports with just the USB cable.


magnum-hydrogen-test.jpgExpected charging time: 1.5hours
1. Red indicator of power button represents the charging state
2. Pull open the rubber cap of the charger port and connect the
charger cable (supplied)
3. The red light on the power button is displayed during charging and it changes to green when charging is complete
4. When charging is complete, remove the cable and close the cap of the charger port




*SPE technology and PEM membrane electrolysis


*Purified water,distilled water and RO water are all acceptable


*Produces pure hydrogen water without ozone and chlorineh-chi-m-commercial-bottle-sl.jpg




*Weight:270G(Main body)   Size:D72 X H103mm - incl bottle: H 250mm


*Volume: 350ML 




Additional information from the manufacturer


regarding SPE and PEM membrane technology


"My company updated the hydrogen-rich water bottles.
Our Hydrogen rich water product use SPE(Solid poly electrolytic) technology. The electrolysis plate has PEM (proton exchange membrane), therefore it makes PURE SAFE hydrogen water, without OZONE, CHLORINE or other unwanted OXIDES.


If there is no SPE and PEM technology incorporated into the hydrogen maker, the hydrogen water device may be dangerous, because they will produce water with ozone, chlorine and other oxides, which may cause a risk for our health. There are many companies who produce Hydrogen water bottles which don't have SPE and PEM technology."


1 x adapter is provided to infuse H+ into commercial bottles 




 More information: >> Access manual for H+ Chi Magnum






What do our clients say about the H+ Chi Magnum:




Hi Joseph


some Feedback on my H+ Chi Magnum. I love it ! I've noticed my gut health is SO much better when I drink a good litre of the water daily. The bottle is easy to carry around too.


      Marg Hurley, Natural Health Consultant - Holistic Healthcare, Wanaka








I started using the H+ Chi hydrogen bottle recently. My throat irritation dropped off (which I had for over 18 months) & my energy level increased.


      Basil Sharp, Auckland




"Since using the H+ Chi Hydrogen bottle, I have been blown away by the awesome water quality .
The water tastes better, in fact smooth is the word I’d use to describe it. I’m drinking more water every day, I’m feeling better, I’ve cut out the coffee and I’m adding the hydrogenated water to my herbal tea. I’ve introduced loads of my family and friends to it. Looking after our bodies before something goes wrong, rather than when something goes wrong is so important and the H+ Hydrogen water is part of my mission to ensure this is part of my every day routine."
        Fiona Webb, The Mindlab, Auckland




" I have been walking towards my own wholeness for many years and helping others with theirs, including a vital diet.  The water from the H+ Hydrogen water maker adds to this journey of vitality releasing.
It feels potent, like a tonic." 


       Louise Marra, Director Unity House NZ Ltd










This is the best thing we ever bought. We both feel a million dollars. We can only say! This is a the fountain of youth :-) We feel younger, energised and have no health problems.

       Conny Lauterbach















The Alka Bottle comes from the same manufacturer as the hugely popular trade-marked Alka Jug.

It offers the same unique media developed by Ionza.

It turns ordinary water into purified alkaline mineral water pH 9-9.5

"Drinking healthy alkaline ionized water is a simple and most effective way to Alkalise, Hydrate, Detoxify and Mineralise the body. Alkaline water can slowly reverse the aging process, which is a gradual process of acid waste accumulation. It is very effective because the water penetrates deeply into tissues and cells to dissolve and remove toxins from the body. There are many health benefits to drinking alkaline mineral ionised water." 

Karin Ma - Expert in Mineral Water Products


      The Alka Bottle offers:

  • Capacity: 550ml.
  • Filter & Media materials: Negative Ion Ceramic balls, Activated carbon, Ion Exchange resin, Far-infrared beads, natural Bio-minerals
  • Filter life: approx. 100 litres > 8 weeks for 1 user
  • pH 9-9.5 *depending on water source
  • ORP: approx. -150 mV (negative Oxidation reduction potential)
  • Antioxidants
  • Small water molecule clusters for better hydration and detoxification
  • Contains magnesium
  • Adding Bio-minerals
  • Soft and great tasting water
  • BPA Free materials



The Alka Bottle purifies ...

The filter (carbon block) reduces chlorine, heavy metals, organic chemicals,

agri-chemicals, unnatural tastes and odors from your potable water








Alkaline Water Bottle Advantages
1. Improves pH (health promoting alkaline water )
2. Negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential)
3. Offers anti-oxidants
4. Easy to carry, comes with Free carry-bag
5. Saves money & plastic bottles




Drinking anti-oxidant water

helps to protect against free radicals,

allowing your body tissues to rejuvenate





How to use it ... 



What is in the box?

Bottle, 1x Filter cartridge, carrier bag and manual ....






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