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Everything we consume creates either an acid or alkaline ash in the body.
Today's diet and lifestyle has led to the majority of the world's population being over-acidic.

It's surprising how many diseases and physical issues stem from acidity

Signs your Body is Too Acidic
Lack of energy
Aching joints
Recurring infections
Weight gain
Sensitive teeth & gums
Acid reflux
Dull hair & nails
Dry skin

How can Alkaline Water Help?

Ionized Alkaline Water.....

Improves energy levels
Reduces acidity
Antioxidant properties
Aids detoxification
Reduces free radicals
Supports immunity
Super hydrating
Restores alkaline buffers
Is Delicious!

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Nitrates in our drinking water - How serious is it already ?

A new Waikato Regional Council (WRC) report has revealed worsening nitrate concentration levels among some of the region’s water sources. Using monitoring data to measure nitrate concentrations in groundwater and in rivers, It found that 12% of the 120 monitored wells in the regionhave nitrate concentrationsexceeding the New Zealand drinking water standard of 11.3mg/Land 20% have [...]

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Molecular Hydrogen water: Powerful Anti-aging and De-stressing - Part 1

Hello, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious .. stressed .. ? I guess the answer is all of us do at times. Me too. It is a matter of how we can deal with this feeling and also how our body manages it .. I notice that since drinking ionised hydrogen-rich water .. 14 years by now, my [...]

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One of the magic features and its benefits in ionised water: electrons

A long kept secret in healing water: electrons Cleansing and de-toxing the body and cells through sweating such as sauna has been a health practice in many cultures .. The Korean bath houses, the Turkish Hamam, the Swedish saunas and the native American sweat lodges. Those practices re-charge our body.Re-charging the body on a daily [...]

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Molecular hydrogen in ionised water and its benefits

HiSince I wrote my last article about Hydrogen Water a few months ago .. the industry and research continues publishing new information and stunning results. One clear message repeats itself on and on:Molecular Hydrogen Water offers vitality to our cellsHydrogen also offers huge capacities for recovery of illnesses and preventative healthHydrogen helps people with many [...]

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Ozone water - its ability to kill bacteria and viruses including covid 19 on contact.

Already before the Covid-19 time but about 8 years after Coronavirus Sars this Scientific Research was published:Ozone water effective for disinfecting surfaces from viruses & bacteriaJ Nat Sci Biol Med. 2011 Jan-Jun; 2(1): 66–70. doi: 10.4103/0976-9668.82319PMCID: PMC3312702PMID: 22470237Ozone therapy: A clinical reviewA. M. Elvis and J. S. EktaAbstract:Ozone (O3) gas discovered in the mid-nineteenth century [...]

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How chlorine in shower water kills gut flora & multiplies cancer risk

When I saw this demo the first time, I was stunned .. It explains a lot about what happens when we shower in chlorinated water ...I thought that I had my bases covered ..." I thought that if I just drank filtered water, I would have my bases covered. It never even occurred to me that [...]

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Is your water filter tired & overdue ? What will happen to the water with exhausted filters ? ?

An insight into why Activated Carbon filters & other filters are necessaryand why they require periodic replacement: You can see in the diagram above, that the contaminants get adhered to the pores of the carbon. There is a limited capacity of how much the carbon fibre is able to absorb.Carbon fibre ... 1 gram of it [...]

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Microplastics are raining down from the sky

 Microplastics have become increasingly part of our daily life without most of us realising this yet. WE ARE DRINKING MICROPLASTICS IN OUR WATER !This is sad and shocking - and in its consequences concerning. In this email I would like to offer you more understanding about this growing problem and its health dangers. In the latter part of this [...]

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What are the health risks of fluoridated drinking water? - New research

Recently fluoridated water has been suggested to be added to the Nelson water supply and possibly to the Christchurch supply .. no decisions have been made. The resistance by many residents is strong, though equally the proponents of the opinion that fluoride is good to protect our teeth and gums.What are the risks of fluoridated [...]

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