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AUTO SHIPMENT - Replacement Filter cartridges

Auto Shipment Program

This service offers you an Automaticly scheduled Replacement of your Filters

& an awesome 15% discount & FREE FREIGHT

so much easier  !

This program is for you who requires a filter change in a regular interval, for example every 6/12/18 .. months. The way it works, we establish and agree a time schedule for replacing your filters and log the interval onto your page of our data base.

We will then send you automatically the agreed filter replacements at the agreed time. You will receive an invoice automatically .. no need to organise payment as we will automatically charge your credit card. 

GREAT BENEFITS:  Auto shipment offers great pricing15% discount off your order and free freight.
  • There is no work for you to order
  • We retain your credit card details and process the order at the appropriate time automatically 
  • It will arrive at your door step automatically
  • NO more overdue filters that lost their capacity 
  • Continued great purified high quality water in your home
  • The agreement and intervals can be changed at any time to suit your needs be

The Auto Shipment can be applied for the following Replacement filters and cartridges:

Water ionizer filters: KYK Hisha, KYK Juno, IonPlus

Filters: Active Pure X, FluorEX Max, LifeSpring whole house filters, Alka Spring, Alka Flow (discount is based on single filter prices)

Terms: Auto Shipment needs to run at least for 2 cycles before it can be cancelled without penalty.

If you need to cancel earlier, that is fine, we would just need to bill you for the saving of 15% and freight if it has only been running for 1 year cycle.

You can cancel penalty-free up until one day before due date. Please note: on the due date we won't accept a penalty free cancellation of an already processed order. If you wanted to cancel this order we would need to charge 15% of the order value and an admin fee of $20.

Please contact us if you are interested setting up Auto Shipment.

Ph 0800 101 707  or 03 5257911
E: [email protected]