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Alka Jug - Mineral water ionizer/alkaliser - TWINPACK (also saves on freight)

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Product Description

The Alka Jug has become a total success story ..

.. it has become hugely popular ..

.. as it makes such nice drinking water with a vast range of health benefits


First it turns ordinary water into alkaline ionized mineral water.

It increases the pH of the source water by approx 2-2.5pH. For example from a nominal 7 to a range of about 9 to 9.5pH, which has many health benefits attributed. A radical new "Alkalising" media that can raise the pH of water to the 9 - 10 range very quickly (provided the source water is neutral) but does not allow the pH to elevate to undesirable levels even after extended contact. 




  • Capacity of pitcher: 3.5liter, filtration capacity effective 2 liter
  • Filter materials: Active carbon, Ion Exchange resin, negative potential particles
  • ph: Increase pH of source water by 2 - 2.5pH
  • ORP: -100 TO -200mV (Oxidation reduction potential/Antioxidant capacity)
  • Reduces water molecule cluster size
  • Contains alkalising minerals
  • Soft and great tasting water


Money saved: Each filter can produce 300 liters of delicious Ionized alkaline water, which saves 500 bottles of water

With digital cartridge life indicator: Push and hold button for  several seconds to acitvate until the symbols appear on the screen ....



What do medical doctors say:
drkathleenwills.gifDr Kathleen Wills: Medical Doctor, Doctor of Natural Medicine and Clinical Nutritionist, practicing integrative medicine in Auckland. She has been appreciating her Alka Jug:


 "I personally have used the Ionza Alka Jug in my own household long term- it is the best tasting water I have tried (I did a blind taste test comparing 5 different types of water) which means I keep myself hydrated, and I have experienced reduced stomach acidity and my skin has improved.  In my practice, I often recommend the Ionza product for anyone wanting to have a detox from years of unhealthy eating habits, a stressful lifestyle or someone who just has trouble drinking enough water". 


What some of our clients say:


We have been purchasing the Alka Jug about 6 months ago after trying everything to rid Colin from his heavy gout attacks.
We ran into an article about alkalised water and thought we might as well try. Colin was not convinces at all. He thought “whatever, how can just water heal my body”
5 weeks into drinking the water he realised how good he felt. No niggles and pains anywhere! We are totally religious about this water. We use it for everything and when we built our home in a couple of years we will get a whole system for the house.

This is the best thing we ever bought. We both feel a million dollars and have now also added the amazing H+ Hydrogen water bottle. We can only say! This is a the fountain of youth :-) We feel younger, energised and have no health problems.

Thank you Ionza, you changed our life xxx

Conny Lauterbach   (Licensed Agent REAA 2008)




I wanted to let you know how incredible the ionised water from the Alka Jug has been since first purchasing it from you on 23 Sept 2012.  Within a month of drinking and cooking in alkaline water and taking all my veges raw as mixed salads, I was free of the muscle aches that had been with me since 2005.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I have been on a gluten free diet for that time and a low FODMAP diet for the past year. I had been advised that the aches that I was experiencing were fibromyalgia.  There had been no cure advised and so to have the condition disappear within a month of starting the alkaline water has felt like a miracle.  I feel transformed in mind and body - no longer do I feel that I am trapped in this old body.  I just generally feel better, healthier and more alive than previously.  It could not be mind over matter. It has to be the water.
Anne Martin 




I have been using the Alka Jug for almost a month and will never drink water straight from the tap again. The jug is easy to use, inexpensive and a good product to try before deciding on a more costly unit. I was suffering badly from GERD and LPR (silent reflux) and read that high alkaline water would denature the pepsin that was coating my pharynx, larynx, oesophagus and airways leading to an asthma diagnosis and an inhaler. My symptoms have improved and, as an added bonus, my hip doesn't ache when I get out of bed in the morning and my low backache is gone. Also, I have managed to reduce my inhaler dosage and hope to be free of it soon.

Great product.

Christine from Wellington   June 2014






This note is a validation of the Alka Jug... As an old bloke, I had been hobbling around with an attack of gout, which I endured for about eight weeks. It was so bad that I had to cut out my shoe to relief the pain and to remain mobile. Now as one who considers the doctors and Pharma are in bed together not pulling the blankets over their heads - but pulling the wool over the public I decided to seek alternative measures to avoid the side effect of a prescribed drug ...
 The alternative relief for arthritis is boundless as per the net ... From diet of course to such remedies as celery seeds to cherries to beet root. I tried the lot to no avail. However as I was surfing the net I dropped onto this fact and I don't know how I got there -- maybe it ws the - fickle finger of fate - that the pH of the body was up. The Boo Eye ... How to remedy this condition ? Well the rest is history. Somehow I latch on to your website and the Alka Jug and made the purchase.


This was a great days work on my part as within two weeks of a daily consumption of 1.5 liters of treated water the condition that I suffered was GONE.


The condition changed for the better day by day bringing me untold relief ... So there you are .... I am so impressed with your product that I have ordered another one to be delivered with the intention of gifting it to my grandchildren who when ever they are in my space say .... POPA ... CAN WE HAVE SOME OF YOUR WATER .....


Graeme Sim,  Taumaranui


Lots of clients say something along those lines:


"I love the water, I enjoy the taste ... I have more energy, my pain has lifted ..."

Conny Lauterbach   (Licensed Agent REAA 2008)

Product Reviews


    Posted by Bev MacDougall on 12th Jun 2021

    I bought three of these for two family members and myself. You can actually taste the difference in the smoothness of the water. Might sound far fetched but when you purchase one yourself you'll see what I mean


    Posted by Bev MacDougall on 12th Jun 2021

    I bought three of these for two family members and myself. You can actually taste the difference in the smoothness of the water. Might sound far fetched but when you purchase one yourself you'll see what I mean

  3. Great Value

    Posted by Sandra on 19th Mar 2020

    This sat in the cupboard for 6 months before we used it. What a waste of 6 months. Great value for money and the taste is great.

  4. exceptional ease of use for both me and my 86 year old mother.

    Posted by corrine on 24th Feb 2017

    i am so pleased to be finally being able to drink alkalized water for such a reasonable price.

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