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  • Alka Fluoride-Free - Alkaline Filter system and mineral Water Ioniser
  • Active Pure Xtra-SL   2-year capacity high performance filter
  • FluorEX-Max fluoride removal filter
  • Dual Source Tap - Stainless
  • Single Source Tap - Stainless
  • 3 Way Integrated Tap Swanneck - Chrome
  • 3 Way Integrated Tap Gooseneck - Chrome
  • 3 Way Integrated Tap Swanneck - Stainless
  • 3 Way Integrated Tap Swanneck - Stainless
  •  3 Way Integrated Tap Swanneck - Matte Black
  •  3 Way Integrated Tap Gooseneck - Matte Black
  •  3 Way Integrated Tap Gooseneck - Matte Black

Alka Fluoride-Free - Mineral Ioniser & Filter system - Stainless Tap - FREE FREIGHT NZ

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Product Description

The ALKA Fluoride FREE water system is a fantastic way to transform tap-water.

It offers alkaline ionised mineral water

& effective purification for chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, chemicals, ..

Now with a Brushed Stainless, Dual Source Tap: Filtered water on one side, Filtered and Alkaline water on the other side

alka-fluoride-free-system-image-w.jpgThe water is like mountain spring water - fresh .. alive and delicious !

A great way to support your body's health and well-being day after day !

This alkaline water system combines excellent filtration: fluoride-free water, and the health promoting properties from the Alka Spring system.

The FluorEX Max is revolutionary technology offering removal of fluoride to non detectable levels!

It is an ALL NATURAL, ALUMINA FREE cartridge !

We have tested many cartridges. Most of them had in common that they claim to remove 'up to 99% fluoride' and as Hill Laboratories, Hamilton NZ proved with samples taken by us, they did not ! Most of them just took out 40-50% of fluoride, one achieved 78% but the water tasted bitter. Most of those contain alumina as media which is fraud with issues about aluminium leaching into the water ... which would require an additional secondary KDF filter (for heavy metals) to remove.

This FluorEX Max is all natural and leaves healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water, and it wastes no water (not like Reverse Osmosis systems)

Removal rate: Ionza independently tested the water samples taken from Auckland City to verify the fluoride extraction and its performance. Tested by Hill Laboratories in Hamilton: Fluoride content in water sample less than 0.05g/m3 = non detectable, see test results attached. 

Removal rate at beginning of cartridge usage is 99%, after 2000 litres usage approx 90-95%*

*depending on water source and whether a Carbon/Kdf filter is installed as prefilter.

FluorEX Max Capacity: 2000 litres, or 6-12months. This means approx 12 months for 1-2 person household, or 6 months for 4 person household (*depending on volume of water used)

Monitoring of usage: We recommend to install a water flow meter to monitor usage. Follow this link for more information: >> Water flow meter

Water Flow rate: The FluorEX-Max filter is most effective to run at approx 1.5-1.8 liter/min. The flow rate can be set up by the installer or by yourself: If your water flow is greater than 2 litres/min (if it takes you approx 5 seconds or less to fill your cup with filtered water) your water flow is traveling too quickly.

Test result Fluoride sample 1 = FluorEX-Max filter:


Auckland City Tap-water has approx 0.78g/m3 fluoride content.

After the FluorEX Max filtration the fluoride content in the water was reduced to less than 0.05g/m3 (test result) being non-detectable.



A) Due to the nature of the structure of this cartridge, it should not be placed after any mineral filter as the minerals may clog it.

Note: 1. It is highly recommended to place our Active Pure Xtra Filter (High Performance Active Carbon and KDF filter) before the FluorEX-Max to ensure that the FluorEX-Max cartridge is not inundated and competing for absorption of various other chemicals and is thereby free to function optimally for fluoride ion removal for longer period of time.

2. Many filtration systems on the market do not properly regulate the water flow, which is crucial for proper filtration to occur. If your water is greater than 2 litres/min (if it takes you approx 5 seconds or less to fill your cup with filtered water), your water flow is travelling too quickly.

B) The Active Pure XTRA pre-filter needs to be flushed first before the Fluorex Max filter is installed. This is so the carbon fines from the XTRA filter do not clog the FluoreEX Max.
After flushing the XTRA filter then the FluorEX Max filter can be installed and flushed. This is very important for the customer/installer to understand.

Initiate Flushing of the FluorEX-Max cartridge with cold/cool water. As the first water begins to flow, you may notice some carbon dust passing through. Allow the water to run on full for 10 minutes then turn off faucet.

1) Flush the cartridge for 2 minutes, when it hasn't been used for 2 or more days

2) Never run hot water through the cartridge, as the filtration process will not be effective. Use only cold/cool water.

3) for optimal Results, replace this filter cartridge based on  your specific Fluoride concentration based on 4 litres/day usage for every 12 months, whichever comes first:

a) Fluoride concentration 2.2ppm (=g/m3) Replace every 600 litres

b) Fluoride concentration 1.2ppm (=g/m3) Replace every 1200 litres

c) Fluoride concentration 0.7ppm (=g/m3) Replace every 2000 litres  (= approx Fluoride concentration of Auckland Tap-water)

Check with your local council regarding fluoride content in tap water.

Do not use the FluorEX Max filter without a pressure reducing valve if your water pressure is above 70PSI


The Active Pure XTRA is one of the best filters available in New Zealand.

It has a huge capacity and makes unpleasant chlorinated city water taste nice and pure.

It is deliberately placed as a prefilter to protect the FluorEX Max filter from exhausting too fast.

The Active Pure Xtra is a high performance filter (FDA approved) for effective removal of chlorine, aluminium, chemicals and heavy metal contamination. It contains two separate purification media:

The first stage media is the versatile KDF - oxidation/reduction media which removes heavy metals, trace metals, such as aluminium and lead, plus chlorine, also prolonging the life of the second granular carbon stage.

The second stage media is coconut shell activated carbon: removal of chlorine, organics, chemicals, tastes and odours. Very effective in taste improving.

Filter Mesh size: 5 µ micron

Capacity: up to 48,000 Litres or 36-40 months (depending on source water) - lasts 3 times longer than ordinary filters.

Hygienic Life: 3 years, depending on source water
pH Range: 5-9
Presssure rating: 70 PSI

Flow rate: up to 1.5-1.8 Litres/ minute



The ALKA SPRING cartridge infuses anti-oxidants, minerals and trace elements into the filtered water ...

the water tastes soft and delicous, offering hydrogen, magnesium and other valuable properties

to your water and your health.


The Alka Spring infuses properties into the water which offer a wide range of health-improving benefits:
    •    Improving energy levels
    •    Restoring
alkaline buffers
    •    Eliminating body acidity
    •    Reducing free radicals
    •    Increasing antioxidants
    •    Increasing oxygen-uptake







1. Far-Infra-Red Energy Beads: it is made out of natural infrared raw materials, which add maifanshi stone and seabed minerals that contain useful trace elements, manufactured with a ceramic technology method. In the Far-Infra-Red process, the organisms absorb frequencies of 8-14um which has 90%+ infrared emissivity. The released infrared energy can be easily absorbed, producing smaller water molecule clusters.


2. Negative Ion Minerals: The ALKA SPRING dispenses ionic minerals into the source water offering negatively charged ions.


3. Minerals and useful trace elements: The ALKA SPRING is adding essential minerals and trace elements, such as magnesium, strontium, lithium, silicium, zinc, selenium, calcium, potassium - up to 90 minerals and rare trace elements assisting healthy functioning of your body.


Bio Minerals: come from Maifanshi rock, a natural source from Asia, which is known as the 'health stone', or 'wisdom stone'.


(see also cartridge diagram below)


Capacity: 2-3000 liters, depending on usage and water source: 10-15 months for a 2-3person house hold




Dimensions: H:35cm x 7 cm diameter


Installation: the Alka Spring cartridge is placed after theFluorEX Max filter. It comes with a wall bracket-holder, 2x 1/4" push connectors and manual for easy installation

Alka Xtra Kit: The Alka Fluoride-Free Kit includes the Dual Source Gooseneck Filter Tap, the Alka Spring cartridge and the 3-year high performance filter the Active Pure Xtra, the FluorEX Max filter and housing, a pH Testing bottle with colour chart plus other relevant parts:  T-line diverter valve, Pressure Reducing Valve 45PSI, Connectors, 1/4" Tubing and Wall Brackets.

Working Pressure: 15 - 65 PSI (Please note:  a pressure reducing valve is required for water pressures higher than 70PSI. See 'Accessories' for pressure reducing valve)


Alka Spring: the UNIQUE RECIPE is composed out of a range of different natural media and gives the water the magic quality:


Customer review : 2016

Product arrived promptly
Unit came with fittings which made it a breeze to install in my existing under-sink filtration system. Best part of the circuit is to cut the hose between the system's outlet and the bench-top tap, and insert the cartridge there.

The water has fine bubbles - hydrogen so I'm told - which are good for you. The pH tests to over 9, full-time on tap 24 hours a day.

My wife and I have had unexpected health benefits already - my wife has gained huge relief from deep chronic bone-aches which were giving her agony every morning, and I have had a marked reduction in night-time snoring. It's possible that the alkaline water has been reducing inflammation levels in the body for both of us.

Normally, if you want healing waters, you have to move to an area that has the right kind of mineral stream. But with this little cartridge, you can have these healing waters on tap for over a year or more.   

David McNabb



1.- Chemicals with very high probability of being adsorbed by GAC - Granular activated carbon:




ff: Chemicals with very high probability of being adsorbed by active carbon:





















Product Reviews

  1. Water tastes great!

    Posted by Phil & Nonita on 12th Dec 2018

    Very quick delivery by Ionza and install by Pure Water Services
    Looking forward to even better health!

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