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About Us

   13 Years Ionza 

In 2007, Joseph Blessing and Brook Weatherwell started with water ionizers and alkalisers. At that time, water ionizers and alkalisers were hardly known in New Zealand.

ionza-expo.jpgSince then Ionza has made a lot of effort to offer information about the outstanding qualities of ionised water and its magic health benefits.

Ionza operates New Zealand wide and it also trades internationally to Australia and abroad.

  In the first 12 years we attend various Expos and Trade shows in NZ such as Health Expos, Organic Expos, Eco shows and Home shows, offering both education and product information. Once a year we also attended the Aima Conference - a doctors/health practitioners conference offering various lectures on integrated and holistic health. Ionza has been invited to offer ionised water at the conference and showcase their products. We also were a sponsor for the Wanderlust festival for 3 years and provided the alkaline ionised drinking water for all the Yoga events in New Zealand and Australia.


Over the years we have constantly been active in doing research and publishing a Health editorial via email. To subscribe (its free) go to: 'subscribe column' on the HOME page.

  Today, IONZA has grown into a market leader for water ionisers and alkalisers in New Zealand.

One of our products, the Alka Jug has been circulated in high numbers and is retailed by over 150 dealers throughout NZ and Australia.


"It is our passion and interest

to offer Water Ionisers and Filters to transform water into fantastic quality

to promote wellness and vitality for our clients,

and to provide excellent products with very good customer service"



Joseph Blessing, Director Ionza Ltd:  "I am passionate assisting people to feel well and vital while being vital myself"

joseph-2.jpgBeing an entrepreneur runs in Josephs family. It is no surprise that after years interested in health and well-being (Human resources, Therapy) Joseph has been the driving force behind Ionza Ltd. He uses all the skills accumulated from being a professional in the field of human resources together with those from running a successful business (manufacturing pottery) in Germany.

Originally from south of Munich Germany. In NZ since 1990. Health and wellbeing are core foundations in his life, professionally and personally: 'Health prevention is relatively simple and far better than trying to cure an established illness!'

"I enjoy walking, swimming, cycling, creative building and art, watching good movies and spending time with friends and family"



Team members at Ionza:
Joseph Blessing: Director, Sales and Marketing

Elke Rosendahl: PA and Marketing assistant

Robert Blumstein (Technical Service)


Phone +64 3 525 7911

Mobile: +64 27 2228660

280 McShane Road
RD 1  - Takaka 7183
New Zealand