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The China Study - alkaline nutrition and its implications

The China Study
In the 21 st century ionised water is regarded as the healthiest water.
What makes it so exceptional?
Drinking alkaline water with antioxidants has a daily effect on detox, regeneration of oxygen levels in the blood and cellular fluids and reduction of free radicals. The bodies' acidity is constantly balanced and eleminated. If you don't know it so far,
ACIDITY in the body is a major culprit for dis-ease and illness!
The people/nations in the world who live according to a more alkaline diet, more carbohydrates/fibre, less fat, less cows milk, less meat, more fresh produce are among the healthiest in the world. Studies have been done on exactly this.  The Book: "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. It shows startling implications relating to diet, weight loss, and long term health.
Japan and Korea are big in alkaline water.
They are amongst the nations with the lowest rates for breast cancer, diabetes1, heart conditions, obesity, and have a high life expectancy. Japanese and Korean people appreciate a predominantly alkaline diet.

Coincidence or reason ? !
We believe that it is not rocket science how to look after our bodies.
The China Study - breast cancer statisticsHowever reality shows that the majority of the NZ population don't know really how to look after their body! Recent antioxidant testing at the Auckland Home Show, revealed that 70% of the people tested showed poor to weak cellular health. (The testing was conducted with a high Tec antioxidant Scanner from international company Pharmanex/NUskin).
Statistically New Zealanders are high up for breast cancer 5th highest in the world, cancer 8th highest, heart disease 6th highest, obesity 7th highest ....

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