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pH testing of the body - 'Too acidic' and what it means?

It is well worth checking our body's pH ..... If you haven't tested yourself in the last while or never, well - , you would not know if your body is too acidic, and therefore would miss the call to do something about it.
In general terms: YOUR body pH needs to remain alkaline to retain good health. When your body's pH gets out of balance, by becoming too acidic, you may experience low energy, aches and pains, and excess weight, or even more serious health issues. Chronic acidity will interrupt cellular functions. The body endevours to balance acidity and remove it, however if we are also commonly dehydrated, the body struggels to detox.
The pH level of our body is based on its degree of acidity or alkalinity. PH is measured on an 0-14 scale. 0 is highly acid and 14 is highly alkaline.
Which pH level indicates good health?  A saliva test showing a pH of 6.8 to 7.1 is what we are  after... Being on that level generally protects you against arthritis, gum disease, tooth decay, and even cancer cell growth. The higher your pH, the more oxygen-rich and alkaline your cells are. It pays to remember that disease cannot thrive in the presence of oxygen and alkalinity.
Poor Health? A pH under 6.0 indicates poor health. What would cause us to be in such a state? Lifestyle choices, diet choices, and dehydration can all contribute. Almost every person experiencing on-going poor health has a low saliva pH.
What causes excess acidity in our bodies? Many young children nowadays have a saliva pH between 5.0 and 6.0. Some kid's teeth are so rotten they need to be extracted. This is not caused by lack of fluoride. It is likely a combination of various things, but for sure at the end has to do with the body becoming too acidic due to the diet and lifestyle: too much sugar, softdrinks, not enough solid healthy fresh foods, and then a major lack of essential minerals in the diet, especially Calcium and Magnesium, and dehydration... When we are dehydrated the body cannot eliminate acidity, and therefore it gets stored in the body, causing havoc.
Fat is a binder to store toxins and acidity
"Acidity leads to toxicity, which leads to microform overgrowth (Bacteria pathogens, yests fungi, parasites, etc) which can eventually lead to ilness." Dr Christipher Vasey says, "Your body cannot detox properly when it becomes overly acidity".  Fat binds and stores toxins and acidity. This is where the problem escalates and how weight gain is a more developed situation than just overeating .... it is actually an issue of too much acidity. The consequences are cellular degeneration and longterm the potential to develop many illnesses.
Cells begin to STICK together like glue.
'Your body suffers acidity at the cellular level. Cells have a positive electrical charge on the inside (acidic) and a negative electrical charge on the outside (alkaline). Once the negative charge of cells is stripped away, cells begin to STICK together like glue." Dr Vasey comments. This means also that those cells are no longer able to absorb oxygen. This is the beginning stage of illness developing.
What do I use to test my body for pH?  There are simple Saliva pH Test Kits available and electronic pH testers. The simplest way is to purchase pH test strips. It pays to look out for companies/shops who sell them regularly and keep their stock recycled often. Otherwise the test strips can become oxidised, making them useless. Make sure when you purchase strips that they are sealed well. We have heard it plenty of times from clients, that they found strange results, all coming down to the pH strips being oxidised.
Such testers allow you to do a reasonably accurate reading in a few minutes at home. You can also test others. It can be quite revealing.
There is a really simple kit available: The saliva test kit. It is cheap and relatively accurate.

Example pH testing: left = before test, and right = test result: pH7-7.1  = optimal pH

Step 1  Swallow the saliva in your mouth, and suck in fresh saliva. (Wait 60 minutes after food or drink!)
Step 2  Place the yellow tip of the testing pH strip in your mouth to soak in saliva for approx 60 seconds. It will change colour.
Step 3  Remove the strip from your mouth and wait another 60 seconds for the colour to stabilise. Then match the colour change against the sample colour patches on the chart in your kit.
Step 4  Read off your pH from the closest match.

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     More interested? ... we recommend researching acid alkaline foods/diet, looking into what different foods and drinks produce. Be mindful, acidic foods or drinks are not bad per say! They are an important part of a general balanced diet, however it is in the balance: too much acidic foods/drinks in relationship to little alkaline foods/drinks, is where a core of the problem lies.
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 Source: pHion balance, Dr Christoper Vasey, Health house Tauranga, IONZA publishing, and Ionza editing