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  • Novita H+  - Hydrogen water ionizer
  • Hydrogen and ORP testing with Novita H+ ionizer

Novita H+ - Hydrogen water ioniser

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Product Description

Novita H+

Hydrogen water ioniser

The revolution in wellness

novita.jpgEach drink of hydrogen water will flush your body with trillions
of charged hydrogen molecules. H+ molecules
act as a very powerful anti-oxidant in cells and tissues.
As a result H+ reduces inflammation, re-boots cells,
improves immune function and facilitates healing.

It counters oxidation
It increases energy, performance and endurance.
Hydrogen H+ water is safe to drink daily
and in large amounts without any negative side effects.


Energy drink ...  all natural
improves performance & wellness
ideal for offices .. work .. sports .. travel (jetlag)

The Novita H+ ioniser is connected to the cold water feed in the office, tea-kitchen, gym, or home and delivers instant and continuous molecular hydrogen-rich water.

The direct connection to any tap water even the worst chlorinated water is not an issue. The Novita H+ makes the water instantly taste amazing, smooth as, delicious and refreshing !

Its two high-performance filters are an ideal match for most water supplies including tank water. It has an activated carbon filter and a 0.1 micron Ultra filter which removes giardia, cryptosporidium, and counters bacteria. (* high bacteria contaminated water may need to get an additional 0.01micron pre-filter - Ultra X.)

Great to offer H+ Hydrogen water to your staff

H+ will enhance performance and reduces staff sickness


H+ Hydrogen water:

  1. H+ can enter mitochondria of cells due to its small size
  2. Micro-clustered water = superb cell hydration + detox
  3. Most powerful and effective anti-oxidant on the planet
  4. 150 times the strength of Vitamin C & without side effects
  5. Reduces fatigue
  6. Helps athletes in reducing lactic acid production
  7. Longer and improved concentration at work place, office or study


novita-h-orp-testing.jpgContinuous H+ Flow

  • Choose purified or H+
  • 0.1micron Ultra filter
  • Removing cysts, countering bacteria
  • NanoTEC: effective filtration
  • Flush-TEC: protects plates
  • Electron-rich water
  • Flow rate: 1.2litre/min
  • ORP: -450mv ~ -580mv
  • H+: approx 900-1300 ppb (depending on TDS concentration)

Anti-aging: ... drinking rich molecular Hydrogen water daily

it rejuvenates cells, tissues and skin.

... we feel and look younger




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