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KYK Generation II 7 plate Benchtop/Wallmount Water Ionizer/Alkaliser -2nd hand new

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Product Description

1 x second Hand unit available: 

only used 2 weeks - as new with only a few hundred litres used ..

9months warranty

If you are looking for a seriously impressive and advanced water ionization system (or Kangen water machine) on the market

with great features ... Then look no further than the 7 plate KYK GENERATION 2 !

At a great price & with excellent Ionza service backup.


kykgenerationii.gifThe Generation II is another excellent alkaline Water ionizer from one of the most experienced water ionizer companies in the world: KYK - Made in Korea.

With 34 Years in business and many international awards for their exquisite designs and workmanship, KYK's founder Kim Yong Kwi also has been on the forefront of research on the health benefits and disease prevention of Electrolysed Reduced water.


This excellent water ionizer, which will last for many years is made with Korean finesse: it offers a great range of alkaline and acidic ionised water: alkaline pH 8.5-11*, and acidic pH 5.5-3.5* (*may differ depending on source water and mineral potency).


Delicious alive water with alkaline properties ...

 rich in antioxidants

 and so refreshing !


7 Electrolytic Plates of superb quality: The KYK G2 water ionizer is equipped with seven 200-sq.in. slotted plates. It has 9 preset water levels: 4 x alkaline levels (pH 8.5/9/9.5/10), 1 purified water, and 4 x acidic levels (pH 4.0 to 6.0)

Easy controls ...


Filtration: It works with a two-fold filtration system: activated carbon filter and specialized multi-media filters.

Filter life: 

Filter 1: 6000 litres or 9 months (whatever is the first to come up: filter life in litres or time)

Filter 2: 9000 litres or 18 months

Dimensions:  340 W x 150 D x 362H (mm)

Programs: It can be reprogrammed (internal computer), adjusted to the water's pH, and by that achieves even stronger ionization and pH 

Touch Sensor technology: The core functions are simple to operate with all the buttons being touch sensors.

Auto-clean technology and Self-draining system:  The auto-draining system does automatically drain water out of the electrolysis cell system and filters. This helps extend the life of the KYK G2 water ionizer. Also the Generation 2 has an auto self-cleaning system which means that the plates are getting cleaned each time of usage, so that you always make fresh ionised water every time you use it.

International Awards: The previous model KYK 25000, which has the same design and technology, but at that time had only 5 electrolytic plates won the 'Editors pick' of comparethebrands.com several years ago for best water ionizer value for money.  >> result of the Award   

KYK has won many international awards for their products. (see below)


The LCD display gives you a lot of information about the status of your Generation II. It will display the filter life at any moment of time. Most important, the pH and ORP (antioxidant) levels will be shown assertively. At the same time you will also see the color change at each pH level which adds to the visual comfort and increases certainty. Corresponding to the pH color chart the KYK Generation II glows purple at the highest alkaline setting, shades of blue at the lower alkaline levels, green at the neutral level, orange at low acidic levels and red at the strongest acidic setting.

Product video: this video shows how the ionizer works, explains its various functions and how to replace the filtersgeneration2-video.jpg

Product reviews: See below 

Warranty:  1 year Ionza full Warranty. Additional 1 year Warranty can be purchased for NZ$150.

Freight and Free Delivery: Ionza offers free delivery only in New Zealand. For international orders Ionza will invoice freight separately.


KYK Generation II - Quick Details:

7 platinum coated titanium plates: 
a surface area of 200 sq. inches
76 programmable pH and ORP levels
Program into the machine almost any pH and ORP combination in order to create the water that is right for you and your family
9 preset pH levels
4 alkaline water settings ranging from 8.0 to 10, a clean/neutral water setting, and four acidic water settings ranging from 4.0 to 6.0
Auto-diagnosis system
six item auto-diagnosis system tells you if the machine is encountering any problems.
 SMPS power control system
applies stable power overcoming issues such as heat, noise and loss of power.
 Full sized color LCD screen
For displaying pH, ORP, auto-diagnosis system, filter life, flow rate, and more.
 Filter life indicator
based on actual water usage, not on a timer
 Filter contamination sensors
monitors the contamination of its filters in order to indicate when the filters need to be changed
 Premium Filtration
uses a premium acitvated carbon filter as well as a media filter to improve the filtration of fluoride and heavy metals.

KYK G2 Specifications:

Product Name: KYK Generation II - Medical Substance Producer
Model: KYK Generation II
Manufacturing Company: KYK
The object of Product: The production of alkaline and neutral water for drinking and acidic water for other uses.
Standard Voltage and Frequency: AC 220V 50/60Hz
Electrical Consumption: 300W
Size and weight: Size: 34 (W) x 36 (H) x 15 (D) (cm) 
Weight: 6.5kg
Composition and Water Supply Type: Benchtop Standing and wallmount-option; direct connection to tap water via mixer tap or being installed directly into cold water feed under kitchen bench 
Controlling Method: Touch sensor
Available Temperature: 5°C ~ 30°C
Available Water Pressure: 15-60PSI, higher pressures need to reducing valve
Electrolysis Method: Continuous electrolysis (including flow sensor)
 LCD Screen Displays pH and ORP levels, 7 colors, water flow rate per minute, ionization indicator, remaining filter life for dual filter system, auto-diagnosis indicators, water purification, and sound. 
Electrolysis: Handling Capacity: up to 2 litres of alkaline water/min, 1.2 litre of acidic water/ min
Electrolysis Ability: 4 levels of alkaline water, 4 levels of acidic water, 1 level neutral water
Electrolysis Cell: 7 Slotted Mesh platinum titanium plates
Electrode Sheet Wash: Automatic washing (controlled by mycom)
Message to indicate Filter Change: LCD control screen indicates when each filter has 70 litres of filter life left.
Filtering Material:

1st filter:  Antibiotic one-side filter, Zeomic,  Active Carbon (with silver added), Sediment filter

2nd Filter:  Antibiotic one-side filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Active Carbon (with silver added) 



KYK Generation II - Alkaline Water Ionizer Review by http://www.gotwaterionizers.com/

People’s search for a healthy water had finally come to an end when water ionizers became widely available in the market. One strong water ionizer brand in the competition is KYK. KYK water ionizers are manufactured in Korea and are now distributed in Canada, USA, and in more countries. In this review, we’ll take a look at the KYK Generation II Alkaline water ionizer.

Features and Advantages

If there is a water ionizer that has both a sophisticated look and modern technology, KYK Generation II  Alkaline water ionizer would be it. KYK Generation II came into the market with its silver stainless look—making it easy to match with any kitchen décor or style—carrying great improvements from the earlier KYK models.

The KYK G2 water ionizer is equipped with seven 200-sq.in. slotted plates. It has 9 preset water levels: 4 alkaline water (pH 8.0 to 10.0), 1 purified water, and 4 acidic water (pH 4.0 to 6.0). It works with a two-fold filtration system: activated carbon filter and specialized media filter. The activated carbon filter and the specialized media filter can process up to 9, 000 and 6, 000 liters of water, respectively. KYK G2 is capable of detecting filter contamination through its sensors and can immediately tell you the time to replace the filters. The LCD touch-type 7-color display also indicates the filter life and the pH levels.

KYK Generation II also has cool features that make the machine more convenient to use. One is the 6-item auto-diagnosis system which monitors its internal operations and alerts you for any problem it may be encountering. Another feature is the auto-draining system which allows the machine to automatically drain water into the electrolysis cell system and filter. This helps extend the life of the KYK G2 water ionizer. Lastly, the KYK G2 is also capable of cleaning itself so there is just fresh water every time you use it.


It is undeniable that KYK G2 water ionizer does not trail its competitors as it can actually be considered as one of the most modern water ionizers in the market today. However, for KYK G2, being modern also means being a bit more pricey. 


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