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Holistic Cancer Congress 2013. The second year was a full success. Prof Bruce Lipton spoke on ... >> read more

Daniel Reid  - Bali Times Interview: Diet Coke .... will kill you. How strong acidic drinks affect our health badly over years without us realising . Daniel Reid makes specific references to the origins of cancer and how we can be more empowered to avoid serious health problems. ....   >> read more


Findings of the Holistic Cancer Congress 2012 ........ >> read more

Water and Salt -  The essence of Life: by Dr Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira. NOT ALL WATER IS THE SAME!salt-crystal.jpg 'It Is no mistake that water is known to be our primary source of nourishment. Salt in its original form is equally important.' ...... Common table salt is a dangerous cellular poison that the body tries to eliminate or store with an enormous expense of energy and effort .... >> read more


 Acid-Base Homeostasis:
Latent Acidosis as a Cause of Chronic Diseases

by Prof Dr Jürgen Vormann, Thomas Goedecke

prof-juergenvormann.jpgA latent acidosis resulting from a gradual reduction of the buffer reserves, mainly due to nutritional influences, does not produce major changes of blood pH because of compensatory mechanisms through urinary acid excretion. However, there is causal evidence that this compensation, in the long term, inevitably leads to loss of bone substance and ... >> read more