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Electrolytic Ionizers

Electrolytic water ionizers have been well known for decades for the excellent benefits to the human body when ionizing the tap water. For over 40 years millions of Japanese and Koreans, and in more recent years many other people from all over the world have been appreciating the value of this special application to water. The features of ionized water speak for themselves: alkaline water, ionic minerals, fresh hydroxide antioxidants, electron rich water, and smaller water molecule clusters offering day by day excellent improvements for health and vitality.

This combination of potent features is particularly beneficial for detoxification, elimination of excess body acidity, re-booting sluggish cells who lost their electric charge, and re-vitalising cells and body. (see video: CHANGES TO THE BLOOD CELLS)

Electro water ionizers have the advantage of offering water at different levels of pH. You can select pH levels from pH 3-11 depending on the model.