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  • EHM VITA - 7 plate Water ioniser/alkaliser/hydrogenator

EHM VITA - 7 plate Alkaline Water Ioniser - SPECIAL

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Product Description

 If you are looking for a seriously good water ionizer that does all the main things that a water ionizer (Kangen water) needs to do -

 with GREAT features ...

 at a good price & with excellent Ionza service backup

then here it is: EHM VITA 7-plates Benchtop WATER IONISER


ehm-vita-function.jpgThe EHM VITA water Ionizer/alkaliser makes electrolysed reduced antioxidant water also called KANGEN water with excellent hydrogen levels. With 7 plates and 150 Watt (low energy consumption) the ionizer has a Hi-Tec SMPS system, works fully automatic, is computer controlled and has a self cleaning function. It does all the main processes of a water ionizer. It is simple to operate !

Filtration: It comes standard with a silver activated carbon filter for urban water, to purify and remove Chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals and other contaminants

  • 3000 litre filter capacity or 6 months
  • 150W SMPS power system
  • Filter Media: Active Carbon
  • Electrolytic plates: Made in Japan
  • Great Value for Money
  • This water ionizer is a digital water ionizer with preset functions to choose from with the push of a button
  • The Vita has a unique life measuring of the actual pH and ORP levels (=Oxidation Reduction Potential) ! This enables the user to see the real level of pH and ORP and by choice can adjust the flowrate/minute. With this feature it is also possible to additionally increase or decrease the pH and ORP levels.

Alkaline/Acid Range:

  • Alkaline: 4 levels: pH 8.5 - 11 depending on mineral content and flow rate and setting of ionization
  • Acidic: 2 levels: pH 3 to 5.5 depending on mineral content and flow rate.
  • Manual Cleaning level for additional cleaning

Antioxidant/ORP Range (=Oxidation Reduction Potential):

  • ORP: up to -850mV potential increase, depending on mineral content and flow rate.

Automatic Self cleaning: The machine will self clean periodically to ensure optimal performance and long life of the electrolytic plates.

Filter life for inbuilt filter: 3000 litres or 6 months for a household of 4 person, depending on usage.


Benchtop installation

Easy Installation on Counter Top:

Installation is a breeze. You can do it yourself! It's very simple and installation instructions are included.

The faucet diverter (Tap connector kit is included) attaches to the outlet of your sink faucet. For operating the ionizer you turn on the cold water at the sink-tap and then flick the lever of the tap connector horizontally. Water will now flow through the ionizer and will automatically turn on the ionisation of the ionizer.

When the water is needed through the main sink tap for doing dishes etc then the lever is moved into vertical position, as the photo shows.

Drain water: The VITA ioniser has a special tube that directs acidic drain water. It can be collected or drained into your sink.

Alkaline water: The alkaline water flows through the stainless flexi-hose. The flexi-hose has the advantage that it can be readily moved into many directions and heights to fill jugs, pots and bottles.

Complete Kit: The set comes with pH tester solution, colour chart, tubing, tap connector kit, built-in filter plus detailed instruction manual


Product Specifications:

Model: EHM VITA. Specially adapted to IONZA standards and requirement
Power requirements: 240V  150W

Filter Life: Internal filter: 3000 litre approx 6 months, depending on usage, and family size

Prefilters ADD-ON (Undersink option preference): 15000 litres or 24 months, depending on usage and water quality

Weight: approx 3.5kg

Output flow: up to 1.8 litre/minute depending on mineral content of source water

Size: 170w x 110d x 270h



Warranty: 1 year Ionza Warranty - parts and labour. Additional warranty can be purchased for up to 3 years in total. See order details !

Freight and Free Delivery: Ionza offers free delivery only in New Zealand. For international orders Ionza will invoice freight separately.

  • Ionza has been distributing Water ionizers for over 11 years.
  • The VITA convinces through its simplicity, its low cost and its power with 7 Electrolytic plates
  • The EHM VITA water ioniser delivers all the main functions of a good water ionizer



UNDERBENCH Installation kit - check out this link:

>>VITA - Underbench kit with 2 year High Performance Pre-filter 



 "When we first were introduced to alkaline water the price of the machine were very expensive until I started to do research and found your company.
 Since drinking this water, my health has improved – as in I no longer have to take any medication for my arthritis. It helped me to keep me more relaxed and not stressed out like I was before.
It is very pleasant tasting.  It keeps my 80 year old mother’s blood pressure steady, and it has helped drop my cholesterol level, and my mothers.
 I definitely would recommend an ionizer to other people and have done so by sharing water to other people.    Why – because they have seen the improvement in my heath and well being.
You supply excellent customer service. Thank you as it has changed my life."
                        Larry Leyland, Coromandel Peninsula


Hi Joseph

I am so happy with the results of my VITA machines. I have shared with my family, now I have my Mum try drinking alkaline water she is happy that she has found that some things have changed in her body. 
She is wanting now a machine for herself which is now my 3rd Vita I am buying.
                              Mimou Teiti, Auckland


I like the VITA for several reasons

 1) very easy to install; unit is compact and light

2) very easy to use

3) water taste noticeably better. Taste "sweeter". I don't know how to describe, but I definitely find drinking the ionized water more enjoyable and easier for me to drink more.

4) I seemed to have more energy (able to focus more). 
                        Hank Lee - North Shore, Auckland



EHM International Certifications

CE - Certification
The CE marking (also known as CE mark) is a mandatory conformity mark on many products placed on the single market in the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE marking certifies that a product has met EU consumer safety, health or environmental requirements and EMC issues.


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