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Detox - Slimming - Illness prevention

The following are excerpts from Dr Kim Young Kwi's book: "The Secret of Life-Giving Water" - Chapter 6 - The Water Diet. Introduction, additions and editing by Ionza.

kim-young-kwi-ionza.jpg        We all generally value keeping an eye on our weight, not only to look good and slim, but particularly also to be healthy and to feel well in our body. There is another aspect to this. Keeping our body in good shape is also a means preventing illnesses, and avoiding long term and chronic disease. 


Dr Kim Young Kwi (middle) with Ionza directors: Joseph Blessing & Brook Weatherwell

There are other benefits of getting rid of fat (stored acidity in  our tissues) aside from looking slim and beautiful. Diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, cancer and other adult onset diseases can be prevented by eliminating excess fat.

Modern medical science refers to those with excess fat as "obese" however traditional medical science referred to it as a "dis-ease." This is due to the fact that excess fat leads to an imbalance in humans, weakening their ability to concentrate, limiting the stamina, becoming easily tired, prone to depression, and loss of confidence in oneself, which all negatively affects and weakens overall health. On top of all this, excess fat is frequently connected to chronic diseases, leading in the long term to a deadly combination.

Many people struggle with a yo-yo effect from dieting, losing and regaining weight. Repeat dieting over and over can be damaging to the body, and for some frequent dieting can lead to the body becoming more susceptible to retaining fat.

Drinking ionized alkaline water can be used as a diet without unwanted side effects.

 "It is a fact that many overweight people do not like to drink water"

Often we think we are hungry and therefore we eat, - but in fact we are thirsty. In those situations we miss to understand the message from our body. Instead of hydrating, we fill ourselves with more food, and actually dehydrate the body even further. The body goes into acidic overdrive, and stores the accumulated acidity in fat cells. (IONZA)

Drinking alkaline ionized water offers the body the chance to reduce weight and undo fatty tissues, in particularly when we learn to change our habit. We need to learn when we are actually thirsty and drink water rather than eat......

There are other benefits we gain by drinking alkaline water: (IONZA)

"Wrinkles disappear or become less, pimples, freckles, and blotches reduce. Skin becomes clear and elastic. The diet facilitates and leads to a more youthful and attractive appearance."

Benefits of an Ionized Alkaline Water Diet

  1. A great way to detox and stimulate elimination.
  2. Kidney, liver and skin functioning gets stimulated. We feel healthier and good.
  3. A safe way to diet with no dangerous side effects.
  4. No need to reduce calorie intake or engage in excessive exercise.
  5. Increased nutritional balance supporting one's health due to availability if ionic minerals.
  6. Eating smaller portion can still satisfy hunger
  7. Wrinkles disappear or become less, as well as reduction of pimples, and blotches.
  8. Skin becomes clear and elastic, leading to youthful and attractive appearance.
  9. When taken in adequate quantity over a prolonged period of time, ionized alkaline water can prevent and defeat chronic diseases.
  10. Results are not temporary and are truly life changing.

"Although it sounds like diet and hard work, by enlarge all we need to do is, drink ionized water and plenty of it!"   (Ionza)

Important steps in the Water Diet

       "Avoid instant and fast food, eat more natural foods"

  1. Recognise obesity as a condition to be treated, and do not lose sight of restoring weight to a healthy level.
  2. Be sure to eat at least 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  3. Drinking ionized water is an integrated diet but also a normal way of life, that will show the most benefit after three to six months
  4. Dizziness or light-headedness can occur should the blood sodium chloride level fall below 0.9%. In this case missing sodium chloride should be replenished using rock salt and other naturally occurring salt products.
  5. Avoid instant and fast food, and soda, these are highly acid forming.
  6. Eat plenty of natural, fresh and raw foods.
  7. Be mindful to maintain good circulation and warmth of the body. Exercise, hot baths, warming herbs and spices - all assist.
  8. Stress is highly acidifying; seek to be peaceful and harmonious in your response to life.
  9. The best time to drink water is before feeling thirsty. Drink plenty of water before meals, and less with and after meals.
  10. Ionized water is a powerful detox agent: As the ionized water's ability to get rid of fat and waste from the body is quite powerful, "it is best to start drinking ionized water on a low level pH 8.5. After 3 weeks we can increase the level to pH 9.0 and again 3-4 weeks later to pH9.5." (Ionza) if we go too high too fast we may get detox symptoms, such as a rash, diarrhoea, head ache or body ache, moodiness; in doubt or in need, check with a specialist to ensure proper concentration and amounts of water intake.
  11. With sensitivity to body weight and seasonal differences it is generally recommended to drink between 1.5 - 4L of water/day.
  12. Be sensitive to your body's messages. Notice the signs of dehydration.
  13. Enjoy.

Source: Dr Kim Young Kwi and Ionza editing