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Dehydration and its effects

Dehydration -

The body becomes stressed due to lack of adequate water supply:

Symptoms of mild dehydration:
Flushed face
Thirst, more than normal
Dry warm skin
Difficulty passing urine, or reduced amounts. Urine is dark and yellow.
Dizziness made worse when standing
Cramping in the arms and legs
Sleepy or irritable
Dry mouth, dry tongue, thick saliva
Symptoms of moderate to severe dehydration include:
Low blood pressure
Severe muscle contractions in the arms, legs, stomach and back
Bloated stomach
Heart failure
Sunken fontainelle, soft spot on infants head
Sunken or dry eyes with few or no tears
Skin looses its firmness and looks wrinkled
Lack of elasticity of the skin (when a bit of skin lifted up, and takes a long time to go back to its normal position)
Rapid and shallow breathing
Extreme dehydration can lead to death.
Dehydration is easy to avoid.
You need to drink adequate amounts of liquid to stay hydrated (2-3 liters of water), and you need to drink the right liquids:
Avoid fizzy drinks, soda, cola, coffee, alcohol, lemonade or fizzy mineral water, as they are severely acidifying to the body.  The body and its organs are stressed to overcome the acidity! Also avoid bottled/sterilised juices, as these are moderately acidic, depending on the sugar content.
Most tap, bottled and filtered water only does an average job to hydrate the body well.
Alkaline ionized water is the best solution to avoid dehydration. Many scientific studies have shown that alkaline ionized water is extremely good in hydrating the body, up to 6 times faster than ordinary, filtered and bottled water. Alkaline water has been used in Japan and Korea for many years, and has become increasingly popular in other countries.
By drinking ionized alkaline water we increase our performance, are mentally acute, last longer in the day, have more energy, and we are more balanced and relaxed in our emotional body.
Less acidic is: feeling nicer inside, being sweeter to others .......