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Daniel Reid Interview: Diet Coke .... will kill you

Daniel Reid Bali Times Interview

Diet Coke will Kill you.

That’s according to American-born health professional and author Daniel Reid, who is currently in Bali holding detoxification programs with his Taiwanese wife Snow, a healer, at The Balé luxury boutique hotel in the upmarket Nusa Dua area. The Australia-based 58-year-old, whose childhood was spent in Africa and has spent most of his life in Asia, is a passionate believer in the concept of “you are what you eat” and urges people to fast to eliminate toxins and restore themselves to optimal health.

clip-image006.jpgReid, who has just published his latest book, The Tao of Detox, spoke this week to The Bali Times’ Managing Editor, William J. Furney

Researchers are now pointing to diet as one of the leading causes of cancer. Just what is it that people are eating that’s killing them?

Well, it’s not actually the food per se; it’s what happens in your body. It accumulates acid waste – when you digest and metabolize it. Because we’re eating the wrong kind of food and not eliminating properly, you get a buildup of acid waste. The basic cause of cancer was discovered in 1931. Dr. Otto Warburg, a German scientist – he got the Nobel prize for medicine – he found out that everything that causes cancer, without exception, has two basic conditions: there’s too much acid in the tissue and there’s not enough oxygen. We all know what happens with the waste product of breathing and respiration: you burn the oxygen leave the carbon dioxide, and when you metabolize, you burn sugar, you burn protein, fat. What’s the waste product? It’s acid. It’s so simple. It’s simple science.

So when you eat food that produces far too much acid – sugar, dairy products, and any kind of chemical: preservatives, pesticides, food additives, food coloring, pharmaceutical drugs, aspartame, synthetic this, synthetic that, any chemical – it produces a tremendous amount of acid.

If you put that together with what Dr. Warburg discovered, and got a Nobel prize for medicine for, it’s very obvious the way we eat today, we’re producing a lot of acid waste in our bodies and we’re not getting enough oxygen, especially with pollution.

So why don’t people know what they should eat to be healthy?

Because they’re not told. In fact, they’re told the total opposite – it’s advertising. I [still do] blame the manufacturing companies, obviously. But if you set people free to make money they’ll do anything they can to make money – they’ll sell you arsenic if you’re willing to pay for it.

I do in a way blame the irresponsibility of the manufacturers. Government agencies don’t protect people; they protect corporations.

I finally, in the end, blame the individual. It’s like when you go to court for breaking the law and the judge says ignorance is no excuse when you say you didn’t know it was against the law.

The basic problem: why now, instead of one in 100 people getting cancer, in 1913, one in three gets it. How many trillions of dollars [have been spent] on the war on cancer and it just keeps getting worse. None of the cures they have [work]. Chemotherapy – please! There’s nothing more poisonous or acid-forming than chemotherapy, which is exactly contributing to the main cause of cancer.

So if a doctor says to a cancer patient they’ve got to have a course of chemotherapy, what are the alternatives?

Oh, God! I can tell you a dozen alternatives, and the first one is detox. The alternatives are very simple: first of all, inform yourself. The basic cause of cancer – and, in toxicity, cancer is the final stage, and what’s happening basically is your tissues are fermenting, rapid growth of cells, tumors forming; it’s fermentation. I mean, how does it work? Fermenting beer, wine, yoghurt, cheese. You ask anyone who makes these things: What do you do? You close the container so no air gets in, no oxygen. Number two: you need an acid environment. Then it’ll ferment.

So what’s happening in the tissues of cancer is you’ve got so much acid and a total lack of oxygen that the tissues ferment and that’s cancer.

Do you know of documented cases of cancer suffers having shunned chemotherapy in favor of detoxification and been cured?


So if that’s the way to go, why isn’t everyone doing it?

I’ll tell you why. The statistics show – and it’s absolutely 100 percent true, and I say this in all my books – people who get cancer and do absolutely nothing about it, including not changing their diet – smokers don’t quit smoking; drinkers don’t stop drinking; people who eat sugar and meat and don’t stop that – live longer than those who go to the doctor and take the mainstream treatment, which increases the basic underlying cause. Temporarily it works because it kills cancer but it kills the liver and everything else, too. So when you stop you’re in even worse condition.

Now why don’t people do this (detoxification)?

People are scared [to death] by their doctors. They go to their doctor and he says: You are going to die next month unless you come in tomorrow.

What do you make of the alarming rise in obesity in countries like the United States, Britain and Australia?

They’re starving. They’re starving. The fat people are starving. Now figure that one out. You want to know what I mean by starving?

They’re not getting the proper nutrients.

Exactly. Your brain has an appetite-control center. You’re hungry not when you’ve run out of food – you can go 60 days without eating – but when your body needs certain nutrients: you’re out of protein; you’re out of vitamins, minerals. So you’re hungry and you start eating. But if you eat food that has no nutrition – junk food: chips, white bread, all these packaged things, cookies, blah, blah, blah – you will keep eating and even though you’ve had a massive amount of food – you watch these people eat and say: How did you fit all that in your stomach and you’re huge – but the brain is saying: Hey, I haven’t gotten my basic nutrients, so keep eating.

You claim that food giants can more or less do what they want, even if their products are harmful to human health. But if that’s the case, how can they get away with it? Surely the public is protected by the various government agencies.

The health authorities protect them (the food giants). The most corrupt organization in the American government is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Now they decide what food and drugs you’re allowed to consume or be prescribed. They let things like aspartame go on the market, which is what they put in Diet Coke. It’s a deadly poison. It causes brain cancer.

But people aren’t dropping dead because they’re drinking Diet Coke.

They are, but slowly. They’re dying slowly. I know two men who died of brain cancer. They were surfers in Australia, in the sun every day and considered they ate healthily. It turns out both these guys were addicted to Diet Coke, and they admitted it and said they couldn’t stop drinking it. They were drinking eight, nine cans a day.

Ordinary Coke has other problems: it’s nine teaspoons of white sugar for a 12-ounce bottle. Phosphoric acid is its basic agreement. Drinking Coca-Cola is the most acid-forming thing you can possibly do. What you’re doing is creating the fundamental underlying conditions for any cancer.         ............

What three basic things would you say to someone reading this who is not feeling all that well?

  1. Drink alkaline water. (Bottled water is not alkaline.)
  2. Stop eating anything that won’t rot.
  3. Fast.

  4. Source: internet Bali, Ionza editing