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Too acidic ? .. tired .. grumpy .. why ionised alkaline water and an alkaline lifestyle matters

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its been over 10 years since I came across an alkaline water ionizer and at the time was astonished, fascinated and suspicious all at the

same time.

Tap water

 For many people this kind of response may not be that different when they come across Kangen water, ionised water or similar named water for all the same thing !
At the time .. all these years ago I wasastonished about what an alkaline machine apparently can do .. fascinated by the claims the manufacturers were making

... and suspicious because
I could not believe that this could be true!

Anybody who read my testimonial from 2008 may recall that I decided to try it out and make myself into a guinea pig .. I tried it for 3 months and recorded my health status .. in self observation approach.
Any changes that were noticeable, state of mood, energy levels, body symptoms, pain increases or decreases of known pain issues etc
If you would like to read my report of the 3-month-trial in 2008 then go to this link and scroll down to Nov '18:

In the last 10 years many articles have been written in support and against alkaline ionised water ..

... having debunked alkaline ionised water on the internet

One of the debunks comes from a 'profiled' chemist .. comparing ionised water with snake oil .. combining correct scientific statements with incorrect wooly 'scientific' arguments against it:
One of the big questions that got people on the debunking trail:
.. how can a body become alkaline when the stomach is so acidic?
It has been portrayed as if the stomach is a pouch that has acidic fluid in there and all food and water that goes through would become acidic .. so how would alkaline water be able to do anything ? .. that is the argument.
A lot of people have believed this argument and aborted the interest or even aborted an already purchased alkaline water device .. sadly.

... this argument does not stand
there is no acidic pouch in the stomach !

The body is much cleverer. In fact .. if we would believe this pouch existence .. then all foods that we eat and any liquid that we consume would make the body hugely acidic as the acid that we are talking about is hydrochloric acid .. with a pH1.5 -3 .. meaning that it is hugely acidic and anything that comes in contact with it would also become acidic.
In this argument then the body would be totally acidic all the time and rife with inflammation.

NO - this is not how the body works ..

although it may be convenient to simplify the picture which can be believable for the layman and therefore a powerful argument when we don't understand the deeper functioning of the body.

The stomach facts:

Parietal cells contain an extensive secretory network (called canaliculi) from which the hydrochloric acid is secreted into the lumen of the stomach. The pH of gastric acid is1.5 to 3.5in the human stomach lumen, the acidity being maintained by the proton pump H+/K+ATPase. need to understand
that the hydrochloric acid only gets secreted into the stomach when the body needs it for digestion of protein, otherwise it won't be present !

So our drinking water won't be affected
by the hydrochloric acid
when we drink outside of the meals !

I have been to the yearly AIMA conference for the last 7 years .. a 2 day conference for Australiasian Integrated Medical professionals, holistic doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, dentists, chiro practitioners, nurses and others. Over the course of 2 days we are offered many lectures/presentations to themes of holistic health, medical research and development of new understanding. This conference usually happens in April in Auckland and is open to the interested public to attend.

Rachel Arthur Nutritionist

Two years ago I sat in the lecture of Rachel Arthur - one of the top nutritionists in the Australasian region, living and working in Australia. See her profile:

Alkaline and acidic lifestyle - Rachel Arthur nutritionist

Her lecture was about acidosis .. the body having a continued acidic pH and the consequences. I share a few pearls from this lecture:

The thing is ..
on the surface it looks like a too acidic lifestyle
cannot cause the blood to suffer much ..
as the body keeps the blood balanced so it can function.

BUT interestingly the body suffers !
How come? How is it possible ?

When we look closer it happens in the extra cellular fluid as the blood cells become affected over timeand in the consequences of the blood needing support
to buffer acidity all the time.
SeeHemaview assessmentsRachel Arthur pointed out that historically humans in the old cultures had an alkaline diet .. based on a diet of largely vegetables and fruit and only some meat and fish. Those diets were rich in potassium magnesium and calcium.

"Today the western diets
are HUGELY ACIDIC! ".. lots of NaCl salt intake which Is in itself very acidifying. Then lots of sugars, fats, carbs, and together with the inclusion of alcohol:

"it is a cocktail of energy dense -
and nutrient poor foods."

From a 400mg/day prehistoric diet to now just a meagre 50mg or even less/day. She says that the key modern acid-genic factors in a western lifestyle look now increasingly like:
  • High intensity exercise/workout (which may be surprising to some people that this is acidifying to the body !)
  • Unbalanced diet - too much acidifying foods/drink. It should be in balance to alkaline foods/drinks. Healthy directive: 20% acidic to 80% alkaline
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Impaired pH buffering capacity in body e.g. bicarbs
  • Mitochondrial dysfunctions
All of the above leads to Acidosis - an imbalance of the acid and alkaline, a wear and tear of the kidneys, the muscular system and the lung increasingly overwhelmed.

The burden falls on the kidneys .. them trying to eliminate metabolic acids

The issue of eliminating acidity in the body becomes more severe when we get over age 45 as the capacity of our kidneys are slowly decreasing. When the body's acidic load is constantly high it does not get eliminated as fast as we would need to to keep the body in good health. So the body stores away the access acidity in fatty tissue.
Rachel Arthur says: "When you constantly push acidosis through your diet etc the bicarb HCO3 is going down and consequences as below appear:
the muscles give up nitrogen to increase the elimination ability of the kidneys and also to provide magnesium: This leads in the initial phase to
  • cramping
  • muscle issues
  • muscle wasting
  • osteoporosis, as the bones give up calcium and magnesium
  • inflammation

BUT IT GETS WORSE ..once this state prolongs, we face a chronic mild to severe metabolic acidosis, which is not immediately life threatening but severely debilitating as it would show up in one or more of the following acidic conditions ..

such as gout, arthritis, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low energy, impaired immune system function and a vulnerability to other adult onset illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer cell growth !
Our immune system then would have been weakened severely and cannot protect us as well any more.

Really important is to actually check our real pH in the body. What is interesting here is that a simple Urine/saliva test won't do the trick. It in fact would likely be misleading as it only shows the pH of the last 10 - 20 hours influenced by the recent food and drinks consumed !
To assess pH in the body properly she mentions 3 different tests:
A) analyse urine
B) bicarbonate levels test in the serum
C) calculate the Anion gap

Re A) can be done with pH testing strips according to certain times in the day and doing several tests
Re B) Serum bicarbonate wants to be well above 26mmol/litre.This is the level we want to entertain for good health.
Under 25mmol/litre means increase of inflammation due to acidic load, under 23mmol means impaired mobility and vulnerability
under 22mol co-relates with increased mortality risk
Re C) Anion gap test:
optimal levels less than 10mEq/l = alkaline
over 13.5mEq/l = inflammation present
over 16mEq/l = insulin resistance (Diabetes issues)

So we can see how acidic loads to a vulnerable body causes insulin resistance and onset diabetes.

I won't go further into the details of the assessments, but what becomes clear is that the urine test is only showing an immediate acid load from the last 20 hours so to speak, whereas if we want to have a better understanding where the body is at in the overall picture we will also need to conduct the B and C test. Those tests would be done by a specialised naturopath, nutritionist, integrated doctor or similar.

ALKALINE SUPPORT:On the upside of this:an alkaline balanced body has good energy levels, is more relaxed and less vulnerable to serious illnesses due to the fact that the blood is largely healthy, the mitochondria and blood cells are in good shape, rejuvenation of cells is functional, and inflammation is hardly present.
Then the immune system is functional and can do its job when it needs to. This would also apply to keeping cancer cells at bay.

When the immune system is impaired .. which happens in an acidic and stressed body - we are also more vulnerable to cancer cells to grow

I have witnessed many people over the years in their diets .. good and bad .. nearly always when people follow an alkaline lifestyle they are in good health, their body is more vital. In my opinion this is so worth it - your friend the body is lasting the age and time .. and when we become retired one day we still can enjoy doing exciting things with our time because our body and health is supporting it.
The Alkaline Lifestyle has gained large momentum worldwide: Asians have known this for centuries in fact thousands of years, the mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. An Alkaline Lifestyle has been increasingly promoted by integrated holistic health professionals in the last decades.
In Europe they are running the Acidic Base Symposium for researchers and health professionals, organised by Juergen Vormann, Professor for nutritional bio-chemistry from Institute for Nutrition in Ismaning, Munich

The Alkaline Solution - Prof J Vormann

Germany. He has published the book:"The Alkaline Solution - Surviving the modern western diet"
He stresses that poor Acid base balance and magnesium deficiency impacts on diabetes, heart disease, depression, migraines, cancer and pain management.

I know from the video documentary series

'The Truth about cancer'- Tai Bollinge

The Truth About cancer - Tai Bollinger

that there has also been a huge movement in the US.
Many doctors have been offering their insights into cancer, acidosis, inflammation, immune system deficiency etc

From an animal perspective, many New Zealand farmers have made the experience that their lifestock is healthier on alkaline soils !
In NZ one of our leading nutritionists - Ben Warren speaks about alkaline lifestyle and water ionisers in this video:

It may not necessarily be the truth for everybody to have a predominant alkaline diet, however most people benefit from it hugely ..

That is why we .. Ionza
are doing what we are doing ...

.. alkaline ionised water offers us daily support by providing alkalising properties, magnesium in particular to the body.

... to support us to have good health
because alkaline makes sense !

You also may want to know ...
there are4 other ingredients in ionised alkaline water(Kangen water) that offer powerful health benefits for us:

  • Hydrogen- most powerful antioxidant (more powerful and effective than vitamin C)
  • Structured water- Molecule structure is small clustered - for majorly better uptake of the alkaline properties, better detox and hydration
  • Ionic mineralsfor better uptake of the nutritional properties of water
  • Electronsto rejuvenate blood cells and support energy exchange and energy flow in the body:é

There are millions of people on the planet already supported with an alkaline ionised water filter or machine ...

Alka Jug

Which are simple ways to alkalise the water and have lovely tasting water at the same time ?
1) Cheapest and simplest:
Alka Jug >> link to website

Alka Flow

2) Alka Flow: Portable Alkaline water filter system for city and tankwater - no installer required:
Alka Flow >> link to website

3) Mineral Alkaline filter system installed for City water:

Alka Xtra >> link to website
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4) Mineral Alkaline filter system installed for Tank water:
Alka Ultra X >> link to website

5) Sophisticated Electrolytic Water ionisers, which also offer electrons, strong hydrogen potency, structured water and ionic minerals:
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Do you have any questions or would like some assistance in choosing the right system for you ? Feel free to contact us !

With warm regards
Joseph Blessing

ionza seriously good water

Joseph 027 2228660
Ionza: Ph 0800 101 707

Disclaimer:The information above is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to substitute for the advice provided to you by your own physician or health care professional.
The information is aimed to raise awareness about potential preventative measures in your lifestyle. You should not use any information contained in this article to self-diagnose or personally treat any medical condition or disease or prescribe any medication.
If you have or suspect you have a medical condition, contact your personal health care professional.
The information in this article may not be supported by conventional medicine or by New Zealand Health Authorities. It is however well documented by research and supported by many doctors and health care professionals worldwide.
For further references of research papers for this article:>> click here
or for research on Alkaline electrolysed reduced water: >> click here


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