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One of the magic features and its benefits in ionised water: electrons

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A long kept secret in healing water: electrons Cleansing and de-toxing the body and cells through sweating such as sauna has been a health practice in many cultures .. The Korean bath houses, the Turkish Hamam, the Swedish saunas and the native American sweat lodges. Those practices re-charge our body.
Re-charging the body on a daily basis has its own challenges, in particularly when we are busy bees and don't have that much time. Sounds familiar ?
But there is one thing we can do. This leads me to one of the secrets about healing waters:

Electricity ... free electrons

Most people are aware that electricity in the human body plays a part in the functioning of the body .. in fact it is crucial for the brain, heart beat, nerve synapses and much more.
When talking to people in the last while at expos I realised that a lot of people don't know much about the importance of the electrical charge in the blood cells.
Here I share a bit more about this very interesting phenomena: The electrical impulse is the communicator, connector and activator of body functions - the energiser electricity in body cells! Physically and spiritually it is also connected with light and movement of light.
There is a parallel to Ionised alkaline water !
Ionised alkaline water is charged water with electricity !
What does it mean to have electricity in the water? Which water has electricity and which does not ? How does it get in there in the first place? How can I measure and test it ? Lots of intriguing questions:
The electricity exchanged in our bodies is what allows synapses, signals and even heartbeats to occur. The health of our cells is an integral part of the functioning of the electricity body system. What happens when our electric network is getting weak , interrupted in its functioning because of use without proper maintenance? We often put this down to 'aging' or depression ...

Although the body has strategies to produce electricity for nerve synapses and the brain functioning, it is not always able to maintain the health of all components in the body. This is particularly true when we abuse our health and offer the body poor nutrition. For example through poor nutrition and stress as a consequence blood cells may clog together. This usually goes together with them having lost its electrical charge. This is a stage when inflammation develops and the pH in the body cells goes to an anaerobic stage which means it flips into an acidic pH. This also means that the blood cells are lacking oxygen and struggle to absorb oxygen as many of them are stuck together as opposed to move freely and independently.

When this happens in our blood environment we are more easily tired and also vulnerable to getting sick.

Mentally this may show itself
in feeling depressed !

When blood cells are compromised in their functioning then our immune system is also restricted.
In wiki-lectures we learn the following: "Our body is a complex and carefully-balanced superhighway of cells, tissues and fluids that direct an incomprehensible array of electrical impulses almost every second. This is only possible due to a homeostatic environment where electricity is well conducted to carry the signals to their intended destinations. The key to maintaining this conductive super-highway lies within the ELECTROLYTES. Electrolytes regulate our nerve and muscle function, our body’s hydration, blood pH, blood pressure and the rebuilding of damaged tissues. " (,_tissues_and_organs)

Besides metabolic influences, nutrition,
the amount of electrolytes we absorb
and the level of energy that we have
is majorly linked to the state of the health of our cells
and its electrical charge.

It is also linked to the nutritional value of what we eat. It is linked to the amount of water and the quality of the water we consume.
In this context it is worth watching this short video 'Lifeblood analysis' >>
In this video we can see what happens to the blood cells when the blood cells stick together and turn into an acidic environment. You also can see what happens when we offer the body ionised and electron rich water ...

Normal water - ionised alkaline water:Which water offers an electrical negative charge, which one doesn't?
These water do not offer an electrical charge:
- Chlorinated and fluoridated water
- Filtered water
- Ordinary BOTTLED spring water
- Rainwater
- MOST borewater

Water that offers a negative electrical charge beneficial for your health and well feeling:
- Some deep-well bore water
- Some Healing springs
- Glacier water
- Alkaline ionised mineral water (available from Ionza)
- Electrolysed reduced alkaline water (available from Ionza)

Healing springs offer improved health and well-being than most ordinary springs. Those springs usually offer a negative charge of electrons.
In the last 40-50 years Japan and Korea have been on the fore-front of research and experience of water science.
It has been well documented that consuming ionised water, also called 'electrolysed reduced water' assists the cells to free themselves of toxins and acidity and revives our health.
How does this work?
When we drink electrolysed reduced water then we offer the body electrically charged water.

Scientifically tested .. this looks like this: When testing for example Auckland tap-water we find that it has an electrical reading of +350-450mV. If it is filtered tap-water then the reading is in the region of +200mV. Analysing this it means the water does not have an electrical charge to offer to the body as it does not create a negative potential from where electrons can flow. Further the water is oxidising in the body. This is a double slammer to our health. Of course most of us won't notice this as we are used to the state of being. A person who is electrically up-beat would notice that drinking this water would create a drop in their energy!
Quite the opposite here ...
a person who is drinking ionised water for more than 3 weeks
will notice that the/she has more energy and feels more upbeat !

Transforming the water into energy water: The electric charge can be measured with an ORP meter (=oxidation reduction potential). When we run Auckland tap-water through an electrolytic water ionizer at a level 3 - pH9.5 setting, then the reading of the electrical meter (ORP meteLIFEBLOOD ANALYSISr) will read about minus -350mV. Drinking electrically charged water means the water offers the blood cells a negative potential to regain lost electrons. In this way the blood cells can reboot and regain their electrical charge. In this process they repel each other increasingly and as a consequence are able to absorb oxygen again, changing from an an-aerobic environment to an aerobic environment.
This process is utterly amazing! It is wellness producing for the whole body.

... you will be able to feel the difference.
We are then gaining more energy and vitality !!

We can look forward to feeling good, receiving upbeat energy and feeling less vulnerable to illnesses. Developing a strong immune-system is a priority if we want to be well. The outcome is vital and active health protection and the ability to fend off health issues !

Water needs to have a negative electrical charge
to be able to re-boot blood cells
and offer oxygen !

Image: Testing water for the electrical charge measured in mV: ORP test meter
We use an ORP meter:

Which devices from IONZA Water ionizers offer electrically charged water?
Please note: The mV levels indicated below are average test Alka Juglevels, which may vary depending on age of cartridge or/and water source.
Low to medium level charged water:
Waterman: total ORP approx -400mV
Alka Jug: Total ORP approx -400mV
Alka Spring: Total ORP: approx -450mV

Medium level:
Magnum H+: Total ORP: approx -600mV


Medium to high level:
VITA: Electrolytic Water Ioniser: approx up to -700mV

High Level:
EOS Platinum 9 plate Turbo:

Electrolytic Water Ioniser: Total ORP: approx up to -800mV

EOS Revelation 9 plate Turbo:

Electrolytic Water Ioniser: Total ORP approx up to -800mV

When we consume water from water ionizing machines we can EOS Revelation Turbo ionizerre-charge or increase the electrical charge of our blood cells and reap a range of super important health benefits:
Regular consumption of electrical charged ionised water in combination with regular exercise and good nutrition will offer you measures for ANTI-AGING and a strengthened immune system - you will look and feel younger .. you can feel it .. your vibration is up !!

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