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Alkaline Ionised Water and Sports

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What is the best water for our young athletes and why?
Which water should we avoid?
Which type of water may harm us?
Is it the same for us adults ?

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Water ionizers in Sports & hydration

Spring has been in full swing and we are heading towards summer soon ... A lot of us enjoy various kind of sports, so do children ... Did you know that it is critically important that any of the athletes in your family keep themselves hydrated with good water. Choosing the wrong kind of water to drink can actually be very harmful to their athletic performance and their long term performance and health.

Surprising, as it may seem, the most important part of an athlete's diet isn't what they eat, - it is what and how much they drink.

Hydration before, during and after exercise is especially important for pre-adolescent children because they have special fluid needs compared to adults, or even teenagers. As a parent or coach, we are responsible for taking precautions to prevent heat illnesses in exercising children and making sure they drink enough fluids.

One of the most important functions of water is to cool the body. As a child exercises, his/her muscles generate heat, raising his body temperature. When the body gets hot, it sweats. The evaporating sweat cools the body. If the child does not replace the water lost through sweating by drinking more fluids, the body's water balance will be upset and the body may overheat.

To keep from becoming dehydrated, your child must drink fluids before, during and after exercise. To promote fluid intake in kids, the water ought to be purified - no chlorine - no heavy metals - no fluoride.
Purified ionised alkaline wateris ideal as it is easy to drink, offers superb hydration capacities, increases alkaline mineral presence and sodium and prevents dehydration
compared to drinking plain tap or bottled water.

Adults & children:
Bottled Water is Stagnant Water

Whether your sport is rugby, soccer, tennis, cycling, jogging, golf ... or you just like to take advantage of the sunshine and take a hike in the beautiful woods, you are keenly aware that you need to stay hydrated. But if you reach for a bottled water, you could be damaging your body. All bottled waters are stagnant waters. That means that they are no longer able to serve as an antioxidant to your body. All of the ions have fizzled out and what's left is just dead water.
Bottled water often is also acidic in pH: If it is a pure water, like water filtered by reverse osmosis or distillation, then the water you are drinking is acidic. Acidic water steals much needed nutrients from your body, making recovery from athletic exertion even harder.­

Exercise creates oxidative stress,
so you need antioxidants ...

When you exercise, you are creating oxidative stress in your cells. This is a normal and healthy function of your body. But too much exercise can create too much oxidative stress that can damage your cells. So, it is critically important that when you are exercising, you have a very strong antioxidant to help keep your oxidative stress levels lower.

Drinking alkaline ionized water ... you are getting more antioxidants than a glass of blueberry juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, or any other kind of juice.

You can get antioxidants from fruits and vegetables, most people know that. But if you're drinking a bottle of water, you're not getting any antioxidants. Conversely, if you're drinking alkaline ionized water, you are getting more antioxidants than a glass of blueberry juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice, or any other kind of juice. Drinking alkaline ionized water is drinking antioxidants that will detoxify your body and keep yourself healthy. This will allow your body to build muscles more effectively, burn fat, recover from exertion, and improve your metabolism from the food you eat so your body is better able to absorb the nutrients that it needs.

Super-Hydrate with Ionized Water
from Water Ionizers

Hydration is the name of the game when you're playing sports. Did you know that drinking alkaline ionized water is better because it is 3x more condensed than tap or bottled water? That means that the smaller water molecules will absorb into your cells faster, deliver those powerful antioxidants, and hydrate your body three times as effectively. So, don't reach for the sports drink, don't reach for the bottled water, when you are feeling tired and needing instant energy, drink ionized water for a quick hydration and the antioxidants will convert unstable oxygen molecules in your cells into oxygen that your body will absorb for instant energy.

Friction in your muscles and in your joints will create lactic acid, which is pain, which will also raise the oxidative stress levels in your cells.
Finally, drinking ionized water, with its superior hydration, will keep your muscles lubricated in your joints lubricated. This is really important because friction in your muscles and in your joints will create lactic acid, which is pain, which will also raise the oxidative stress levels in your cells. You don't want to feel pain too much when you're exercising. Keeping hydrated and detoxified will keep your body moving smoothly and effortlessly and give you an edge on the field, or court, or trail, or anywhere else that you enjoy being outside and being active.

... best mum and dad

So, for your kids or for yourself when exercising drink ionized alkaline water. Fill up a few big bottles for the next time you go on a hike play soccer, rugby or go cycling - you can save on bottled water, sports drinks and soda (soda is very acidic !!!) - ionised alkaline anti-oxidant-rich water is cheaper, healthier, more effective in hydration and tastes better - simply everybody will drink more water and is healthier and happier.
One last thing: this is also really cool about ionised water ... we are less grumpy as it helps to eliminate acidity in our body ... Acidic tissues are the very environment in our body that makes us feel 'sour' and therefore grumpy ... let's rock !

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