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An insight into why Activated Carbon filters & other filters are necessary
and why they require periodic replacement: 

You can see in the diagram above, that the contaminants get adhered to the pores of the carbon. There is a limited capacity of how much the carbon fibre is able to absorb.
Carbon fibre ... 1 gram of it is able to absorb contaminants in the size of a football field.
This sounds all great when we hear that ... but
what happens when the carbon media is exhausted ?
A water filter is a bit like a sponge. As with other sponges, it has a threshold. A limit that should not be surpassed. Meaning, the filter in the filtration system can become very vile in time if it isn’t being taken care of properly. A carbon filter also has a hygenic life, means it may grow mould over time in the cartridge when the filter is installed beyond its use by date.


Failing to swap the water filter in time can result in multiple scenarios. The water might just pass unfiltered, which is basically drinking water straight from the tap. Meaning that we then drink the various heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, chemicals, agri chemicals, micro plastics etc.
Pathogens and impurities have been building up in the pipes and old filter; hence, all of those potentially long term health impacting contaminants are now leaking into the drinking water.
To avoid this, it’s very important to swap filters as soon as the water starts to degrade.
It pays to respect the directions of the manufacturers as they have given those guidances for a good reason, based on their experience and research.

... but Ionza is reminding us so we do not need to worry ... ??
In the last years we have been busily reminding you folk that your filters are due for replacement. We noticed that out of 100 reminder emails we receive only about 10 responses.
We find the result very poor!
It tells us that there is a break down of response in many of you ..

Good and nice drinking water and also bathing/ showering water is sooo important and should be treated and cared for to the best of our abilities,

Ionza is there for you to assist with your filter replacement requirements.
Just give us a call or email us. We ll be enjoying helping you.

We run now an Auto shipment for replacement filters with great incentives and free freight.
Check it out, this is the safest way to get the filters to you in time .. and so much cheaper, more info:

with warm regards

Joseph Blessing
Ionza Water Ionisers and Filters

More info about the expiry time of the respective filters you will find on our website. http://www.ionza.co.nz/

More info specifically:
Alka Jugs: http://www.ionza.co.nz/alka-jug/
Mineral ioniser range/Alka Spring range:http://www.ionza.co.nz/pre-filters/
Water ionisers: http://www.ionza.co.nz/pre-filters/
Whole House filters: http://www.ionza.co.nz/pre-filters/

Any others ? .. just type the name into the search engine on our website and it will come up in a second.
Generic search for any filter replacements:


If you cannot find your filter on our website or would like some assistance:

Call Robert in the office: 03 5257911
or email us on info@ionza.co.nz

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