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Acid Alkaline Balance - The key to Health

It is important that you don't assume your diet is too acidic just because it is a common problem in NZ today. As we have discussed before, there are many factors that influence the human body's pH level. Many holistic health practitioners recommend you buy pH testing strips that test pH levels using urine or saliva.
diet-balance-ph.jpgBased on the residue foods leave in the human body, the food itself is categorized as acidic or alkaline. Their pH value determines if the food will have an alkaline or acid forming potential. The term pH comes from the chemistry formula for calculating the concentration of hydrogen ions present in a substance. pH refers to the "power of hydrogen." A pH of 7 is neutral. Alkaline foods have a pH value above 7 while acid foods have a pH value below 7.
For a list of alkaline and acidic foods go to:
Foods such as orange juice and lemon juice are acidic in their natural state, but turn alkaline after they have been metabolized in the body. This causes them to be considered alkaline forming foods despite being acidic prior to consumption. Most fruits are alkaline except a few. Cranberries, plums and prunes are classified as acidic because they contain acids the body can't metabolize.
You don't need to adhere strictly to the alkaline side of the chart, just make sure a good percentage of the foods you eat come from that side. The ratio you want is in the region of 80% alkaline to 20% acid.
You can test your pH levels
, and research to make sure you know what you're consuming and last but not least remember to stay balanced. You hold the key to your health.
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